Why Every Stoner Should Own a One Hitter Pipe

Why Every Stoner Should Have a One Hitter Pipe

When it comes to smoking accessories, a one hitter pipe is a must. It’s not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when contemplating smoking tools. Water pipes in all their varieties offer smooth hits that are perfect for relaxing at home but they are not portable in the slightest without risking breakage or public exposure. Joints are easy to make and bring with you when you are on the go but it’s easy to get a little too high smoking one and they generate a lot of smoke, announcing to anyone around that you are consuming cannabis. On top of this, a lot of weed is lost through the burning of a joint. While both these methods of smoking pot are enjoyable and perfect for home or private use, a one hitter pipe can offer a little more flexibility to those who are on the go.

How a One Hitter Pipe Works

one hitter pipes come in many inconspicuous designs

One hitter pipes come in many inconspicuous designs.

Basically, a one hitter pipe is a thin tapered metallic tube that resembles a cigarette. You can put your weed at the tip, light it up like a cigarette and inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece at the other end. You’re left with the perfect amount of space for enough weed to get a potent hit regardless of the device’s small size. Its design is so discreet that it allows you to get the perfect hit wherever you are.

The Utmost Discretion

There are many benefits of having a one hitter on hand in your life. For those who travel or commute a lot, these pipes are discreet and very portable. They look like regular cigarettes and they don’t burn enough smoke in a single hit to alert everyone of what you are consuming. You can just grind up some weed and put it in a tiny container with a lighter and you’ll be ready to go wherever you are. Grinding the weed will give you a smoother, more even hit and keep your pipe from getting clogged too quickly. Having your weed ready to go will allow you to just dip your pipe in the container and have a hit on the go. This is much faster and more discreet than rolling and smoking a joint.

Conservation and Sacrifice

discretion of a one hitter pipe is a major benefit

One hitters also provide more discretion than your average hand pipe.

You can also fill your pipe with stronger weed or concentrates to get a powerful high on the go. Because you are only doing one hit at a time, there is less chance of getting too high. You will also be able to conserve more weed than you would if smoking a joint. One hitters don’t burn more weed than what you need for a single hit. The downside to these pipes is that they are made of metal, so the taste isn’t as nice a glass. You may also catch some ash as you inhale as there is less of a filter between the weed and the mouthpiece.

Overall, however, these are an essential accessory that will bring you lots of freedom to smoke high quality weed in the quantity that is right for you wherever you please!

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