Weed Containers That Will Keep Your Stash Fresh

Weed Containers That Will Keep Your Stash Fresh

Keeping cannabis fresh can be a daunting task. Mold, humidity, and exposure to light can all threaten to ruin your stash. Even the most basic elements can ultimately destroy the flavor and potency of your weed over time. Especially the exposure to air and the loss of moisture. A bit of moisture is always necessary to keep your bud in a sticky fresh state. Dried out weed burns unevenly and is harsh and tasteless. For this reason, it’s important to have an idea of what weed containers might serve to keep your stash fresher for longer.

Cannabis Storage 101

airtight mason jars make perfect weed containers

Airtight mason jars make perfect weed containers since they’re comprised of glass.

If smells are getting out then so is moisture. This means your plant is drying up and the result is a diminished, worse tasting product with less potency. So weed containers that are susceptible to air, such as tin foil and envelopes are never going to keep your stash fresh. Neither will inexpensive, plastic sandwich bags that crush the weed whenever they move and don’t contain the air within well, even if they are sealable. Plastic weed containers of all kinds are not going to keep your stash fresh. The static charge fries the trichomes or hair on the weed that is packed full of all the compounds and flavors you want from your weed. Don’t ever store the weed in a fridge or freezer or somewhere hot like cupboards near stoves or microwaves as extremes temperatures will destroy the weed.

Why Mason Jars Make Such Great Weed Containers

When storing weed, you want something absolutely airtight and smell proof that completely protects from the light. Glass is always going to be the best option for keeping your weed fresh. Mason jars are airtight and so long as you store them somewhere dark, they are the best option for storage. Airtight glass containers kept in a dark, cool place are the best storage solutions for weed. They can be purchased very cheaply from hardware and container stores. Try to get a jar size that will be appropriate to the amount of cannabis you’re planning to store. Too much space will leave extra air in your jar that is likely to ultimately degrade your stash.

Other Storage Options

pinch n slide offer portable smell proof marijuana storage

A Pinch ‘n’ Slide bag offers portable smell-proof storage.

Sometimes however, you might need a container that is usable for travel. In these cases there are a few options that will serve to preserve your weed. Child resistant Pinch ‘n’ Slide bags, for starters, are cheap little black bags designed for keeping your weed fresh. They can be bought at smoke shops as well as online and are a definite item to have handy in the home. Tight Vac is another excellent weed container that is airtight and discreet. Likewise, a Hydromate container also serves to protect from moisture and is even capable of hydrating the weed. CVault is an unbelievably good container that actually works as an airtight humidifier. It is even able to bring dried up cannabis back to life.

As you can see there are definite dos and don’ts when it comes to weed storage but as long as you follow these guidelines, you will retain the freshness of your buds for months to come.

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