Vape Pens: Why Vaping Concentrates Is More Popular Than Smoking Them


Vaping dabs (butane hash oil or BHO) out of vaporizers and dab rigs has become more popular than smoking concentrates in a joint, based on the recent 2015 Global Drug Survey. The study found that the use of vape pens or vaporizers accounts for over 40% of butane hash oil consumption, while vaporizing concentrates from dab rigs accounts for 31%, and smoking dabs from a joint, also known as “twaxing”, only  accounts for a 29% consumption level.

Vape pens have become a more popular THC delivery method and for better or for worse have taken the front seat when it comes to BHO consumption. One important thing to note is that butane hash oils can be dangerous, both in making as well as ingesting, and caution should taken when choosing to consume them, using your method of preference.

Vape Pens Are Discreet Easy To Use


A main reason why vaping has become popular is the fact that it is much more discreet compared to other methods of consumption. Vaping releases minimal odor and many vaporizer pen models are very portable. Vaping is socially acceptable because there is no easy way to tell the difference between vaping nicotine e-juice versus dabs. Local and state laws in the United States and in other countries have recently allowed for personal use of the drug, and vaporizers have become popular for new users who may feel that vaping is less taboo than smoking.

Vaporizers are incredibly popular for both medical and recreational users

The demand for vaporizers has proven to be incredibly high in recent years amongst both medical and recreational cannabis users, and many manufacturers are struggling to keep up with demand. There are a wide range of different vaporizer pens available that vary in their design, portability, and efficiency.


Many vaporizers are designed primarily for marijuana concentrates. Other models may be designed for nicotine e-liquid or e-juice and are used off-label for dabs by some. Vaporizers have proven to be even more popular than other delivery methods such as oral tinctures, ingestible oils or edibles.

Medical marijuana patients feel that it is more acceptable



The increase in vaporizer popularity can also be attributed to the demand from medical marijuana patients. Many patients feel that vaping is more acceptable than smoking the drug. Medical marijuana is used to treat a wide range of different conditions including cancer, glaucoma, arthritis, insomnia, seizures, appetite loss as well as other conditions and symptoms. Vaporizers have helped patients use the drug to treat these conditions without the harmful byproducts of smoking and with more discretion and privacy. Another major benefit for patients is that the dosage of the drug can be carefully controlled, while other methods of delivery like smoking can be less precise.

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