Our Top Five “Smoking Hot” Pop Cultural Stoner Girls

#5 Mary – Party Girl


An adorable and cheeky Parker Posey plays Party Girl’s Mary, a charming Manhattanite in desperate need of cash after one of her ragers is busted by the cops. While Mary doesn’t quite fit the mold of typical stoner girls in the purest sense (a social butterfly, she seems to love all substances somewhat equally) she sure looks great hitting a joint and ultimately finds love with a man who makes delicious falafel, which sounds like a stoner girl fantasy if we’ve ever heard one.


#4 Tara Lindman – Weeds


Played by Mary Kate Olsen, Weeds’ Tara Lindman is a proud Christian virgin who seems to consider greenery God’s greatest gift of all. Slinging dime bags and occasionally citing scripture, Tara’s good/bad girl appeal echoes that of the actress herself, a former child star turned Hollywood bad-girl, ultimately, landing her in the realm of top stoner girls.


#3 Peggy Olson – Mad Men


There’s little more vindicating than watching a lovably straight laced fictional character get baked for the first time, and Mad Men’s Peggy Olson is no exception. An ambitious copywriter, Peggy rails against gender norms at 50’s advertising agency Sterling Cooper, proving time again that she’s every bit as talented, capable, and ruthless as the boys. Leaving her sheltered roots behind, one of Peggy’s most satisfying moments of the show comes when she hits her first joint in the office – much to the shock of her male colleagues, catapulting this sultry seductress into classy but never trashy, stoner girls category.

#2 Ilana Wexler – Broad City


Half of comedy duo Broad City, Ilana is quick to light up wherever and whenever. Perhaps most memorably, she stashes her kush in her lady parts to keep it safe and out of sight on the subway, and seems to spend most of her shifts at coupon site “deals deals deals” going to and from the bathroom to smoke up. Equally enthusiastic about any and all modes of marijuana consumption, by Season 2, Ilana is a proud proponent of the “vape life”, skyping her best friend enthusiastically while she imbibes.

#1 (Queen of Stoner Girls) Melanie Rawlston- Jackie Brown

Numero Uno

With Pam Grier as its leading lady and a corduroy-clad Robert Deniro playing goofy ex-con Louis Gara, the cast of Tarentino’s Jackie Brown is certainly a foxy one. We first meet stoner chick Melanie Ralston (Bridget Fonda) in the apartment of Ordell Robbie (Samuel L. Jackson). Taking bong hits in a bikini top in front of his TV, Ordell tells Melanie “if you smoke too much of that shit it’s gonna rob you of your ambition.” We never find out exactly what that ambition might be, as Melanie is shot to death in a parking lot by an irked Deniro because she won’t shut up, but waking and baking has never looked better.

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