Tips on Hitting Your Bong Like A Master


When it comes to inhalation techniques, there are a few masters (check this video out), but most people simply don’t know how to get the most out of their hits. If you want to hit your bongs better, and hold the THC in your lungs for a longer period of time, then you need to learn how to control your breathing

. This doesn’t simply mean focusing on your inhalation and exhales for an hour every day – although this might be a wonderful start. The truth is, the best way to extract more out of your bong, is by improving your physical fitness.

Focusing on Inhalation with Pilates

There are a number of fitness regimens out there that teach you how to understand your breathing and improve your balance. Any of them could be the perfect opportunity for you to enhance your bong smoking skills. For example, Joe Pilates fitness regimen, referred to as the “Pilates” method, is a fantastic way to improve your marijuana inhaling abilities, because it’s all about breathing.


You may have seen some of this in the Hulk movie with Edward Norton a few years ago. Yes, we know that movie turned out to be pitiful. The final action scene was about 5 minutes!

Moreover, if you take the time to look up some Pilates exercises, the chances are you’ll find a plenitude of advice telling you that it’s a sterling system for stretching and strengthening the whole body, including muscle strength, posture, and flexibility. While this is all true, it’s also worth recognizing that a lot of these benefits come from learning how to manage your breathing.

Bongs and Breathing

It’s rarely your choice of marijuana that effects your ability to inhale as much as you would like. The aspect that really matters is your lung capacity. If you want to be a cannabis champion, then the best route that you can take is to make sure that your body is in optimum shape.


Your body’s ability to take a deep, solid inhale is essential if you want to achieve a maximum marijuana high. Because of this, a stretching, strengthening, and breathing routine such as Pilates or Yoga is the perfect opportunity for you to be the master your bongs. Once you get started with a routine, you may be amazed by how much more you could inhale in a single breath.

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