The High Society Guide to Smoking in Style


For high society stoners who fancy the finer things in life, the standard frat house bong can leave a little to be desired.

Thankfully, marijuana legalization means an increasingly larger selection of smoking accouterments are on the market, with pipes and vaporizers catering to aesthetes and design-nerds as well as those content to worship at the altar of Bob.

Here are a few of our favorite 420 trinkets. With picks spanning financial as well as aesthetic spectrums, you’re sure to find the perfect piece to light up in style.

SHINE 24K Rolling Papers


Handcrafted from edible 24 karat gold and hemp paper, Shine gold rolling papers are easy to roll and just ostentatious enough for the smoker living a life of luxury. Made from high quality materials, these papers are quite long-lasting: perfect for lighting up at parties and sure to make you feel like a high roller in no time.

Kush Queen 14KT Gold Dipped Dabber



Dames who dab, look no further. Known for their blinged-out vapes, The Crystal Cult offers a wide selection of smoking accessories for groovy chicks who like to blaze on the chic side of life. Discounted nearly 75%, these glitzy dabbers make the perfect stocking stuffer for kush queens and kings alike.

Dolly Wood-burned Herb Grinder


If silver and gold is a little prim for you, why not go country? Artist Penelope Gazin’s custom-made wood grinders are delightfully honky tonk, easy to use, swanky as hell, and will give your friends from the high society a few good laughs of superiority.

Wooden Sherlock


Before you retire to the study with a glass of scotch, make sure to nab this stylish wooden pipe inspired by Sherlock Holmes himself. Though Arthur Conan Doyle’s Holmes was more known for injecting cocaine than indulging in the Ganja, we imagine good weed was pretty scant in 19th century Britain – who’s to say he wouldn’t be game for a hit?


If you’re an Anglophile that prefers the smokeless route, try E Pipe Mod’s pipe inspired vape. With an elegant hand-carved bowl and replaceable pipe, this pen is versatile, easy on the lungs and perfectly suited for solving capers on the go or simply soakin’ up de herb.


G-Pen – Black Scale G Pro Herbal Vaporizer


For proponents of the “vape life” who prefer a more streamlined aesthetic, we recommend the G-Pen Black Scale G Pro weed vaporizer pen. Inconspicuous in appearance, this pen is ideal for the non-nonsense stoner looking to vape discreetly on the go. The sleek pen comes with five changeable filter screens, a cleaning brush, charger, and cheeky decorative tray reading “ILLEGAL.”

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