The Benefits of Dabs


Dabs have become one of the most popular cannabis delivery methods for their many benefits compared to smoking dry flowers. Besides the fact that dabbing often means you’ll be ingesting a significantly higher THC percentage

compared to smoking, the interest in marijuana concentrates has dramatically increased over the past few years, with the rise of vaporizer usage, and vape pens in particular. Dry marijuana is usually more difficult to vaporize than concentrates, and smoking dry marijuana comes with negative health effects.

Dabs are not a new method of marijuana ingestion as they have been around at least since the 70’s, but the increased interest in recent years is due to their convenience, potency, and their ability to avoid combustion based methods of ingestion.

Marijuana smoke has toxins similar to tobacco


Marijuana smoke contains some of the same chemicals that are found in tobacco smoke including formaldehyde, cyanide and ammonia. Also, smoking marijuana regularly can lead to symptoms like wheezing and coughing. Tobacco smokers who also smoke marijuana can have precancerous changes in their lungs, and smoking the two together may exacerbate the risks of tobacco smoke.

The way that many people smoke marijuana, by inhaling deeply and holding it in the lungs, may also contribute to additional lung symptoms. Dabs have become popular among health conscious marijuana consumers because they avoid these negative health effects.

Dabs have received negative attention in the media

Regardless of their advantages compared to smoking, dabs have been on the receiving end of negative attention because of sensationalized dangers that have been promoted by some in the mainstream media. Dabs have been accused of causing psychosis, of being too potent, and other exaggerated claims which are often made for the purpose of opposing marijuana legalization.


The truth is that dabs are a safe and convenient alternative to smoking the drug, and help to strengthen the case for legalization, which is why so many people who are opposed to marijuana legalization are also opposed to dabs, and want the public to be fearful of them.

Dabs are much more portable, convenient and discreet

Marijuana concentrates offer both medical and recreational users several distinct advantages. For one, they can be consumed out of many different devices, such as dab rigs or certain vape pen models, and the vapor has a very minor smell if any at all, when compared to combustion based methods of cannabis consumption. Especially with the use of a vape pen, using concentrates can be very portable and discreet, which is helpful for medical users while they are traveling. Also, there is no easy way to tell the difference between vaporizing dabs or nicotine e-juice. This is very beneficial for medical marijuana patients who don’t want to have the stigma of smoking.


Although highly disputed by those not familiar with the practice, ingesting cannabis concentrates with a dab rig and a butane torch, has become one of the safest ways of consuming, since the flash vaporization process basically eliminates the combustive nature of any smoking elements related to the practice. Dabs can also be stored for longer periods of time than cannabis without deteriorating, further adding to the claim that marijuana concentrates are the way to go.

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  • The only problem with dabs is that if someone used butane extraction and isn’t a professional, there could be left over chemicals. That’s why I only use a rosin press for extracts as its just heat.

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