Millennials Who Smoke Weed Get Laid More Often and Better


Pot smoking millennials can rejoice at the findings of a study which found that people from their demographic who smoke marijuana have a better sex life. That’s the kind of news that anyone wants to hear, and it’s likely to inspire a lot more millennials to give weed a try. So, if you haven’t been smoking weed to improve your chances of getting laid, it’s time to really start thinking about it if your serious about getting laid this month.

500,000 participants

Sample size of adults ages 18-34

The study focused on over 500,000 people aged 18-34 and was conducted by SKYN condoms. It not only found that weed can enhance your sex life, but that it also enhances your sex drive. 14 percent of the participants in the study who smoke marijuana on a daily basis said that they have sex multiple times each day. Of the participants who didn’t smoke, only 5 percent of them said the same thing regarding their sex lives.

Daily marijuana smokers have more sex


Research from the study also looked at the number of partners that frequent marijuana users have, and once again, marijuana had “higher” percentages. It found that 37 percent of daily smokers have had 15 or more sexual partners in their life, while only 14 percent of those who did not smoke said that they had a similar sexual history. Unfortunately, the research didn’t track sexually transmitted diseases acquired from the study, so if you smoke regularly, wrap it up!

Too much weed can cause E.D.

In the more sobering aspects of the study, the findings suggested that men who smoke weed continuously for a long period of time actually have a higher propensity to have erectile dysfunction, especially in the later years of their life.


Prolonged use suggest E.D. in later stages of life

In a similar way that alcohol can block neurotransmitters from sending stimuli to the parts “down there”, marijuana can have similar effects after prolonged use, due to the over-use of dopamine receptors in the brain, which can also lead to depression in some users. Still, 59 percent of those who smoke regularly said that they have incredible sex all of the time. Just, 41 percent of those who don’t smoke, said the same thing.

The good outweighs the bad

All these statistics show that smoking weed can definitely have a positive impact on your sex life. Marijuana has been proven in other studies to increase levels of sexual arousal for both men and women, and in a different study, 67 percent of people said they believe marijuana enhances their sex lives. Research from the study indicates that the overall social, psychological, and physical aspects of marijuana can all lead to more frequent and better sex life, so toke up. (And don’t forget to use a condom)

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