Steamroller Pipe Bowls Smokers Over With Intense Hits

Steamroller Pipes Deliver Hardcore Hits

A steamroller pipe does just what it promises: it bowls you over with a huge hit. This isn’t the best kind of pipe for beginners or people who like a nice smooth hit. Rather, it’s the kind of pipe that is certain to be intense if not a little harsh on the throat and lungs. But for heavy hitters that like an OG smoking piece, there’s no comparison. The smoke accumulates in the pipe, allowing you to have the biggest possible hit as opposed to gently coming through as is the case with a bong or standard glass pipe. It’s even been described as similar to taking a hit from a dry bong. For some, this kind of hit is pure magic and worth the coughing fit that is likely to follow.

How a Steamroller Pipe Works

glass steamroller pipe from grav labs

An example of a glass steamroller pipe.

The steamroller pipe is a hollow tube with a hole on one side for smoking through and another hole on the opposite side. Near the end of the pipe is a bowl into which you pack the weed. After you load up the bowl, you cover the hole at the other end of the pipe. You can then inhale the weed allowing the smoke to accumulate. At this point you can release the hole on the other side of the pipe and inhale the smoke that has built up in one big hit. The result is an intense blast of weed that will take your breath away, allowing you to enjoy a very pleasant, though somewhat intense high depending on your tolerance.

What to Look For in Your Steamroller

When choosing a steamroller pipe to begin enjoying those heavy hitting tokes, it’s good to start small. You don’t want to end up with a pipe too big to pull or one that will be uncomfortable in any way. Another thing to consider is the material from which your pipe is made. Some metallic steamrollers can leave your smoke filled with fumes and give you a bad aftertaste. Glass is usually going to give you the best tasting smoke and when you’re inhaling so much of it all at one time, taste matters. It’s also the healthier option, if you care at all about avoiding that aspect. Another nice bonus to using a glass pipe is the fact that it allows you to see the smoke as it develops and is inhaled, which is a selling point for many enthusiasts.

Built Upon the History of the Peace Pipe

native american peace pipes were inspirational to the steamroller pipe design

Native American peace pipes inspired the steamroller pipe design.

The steamroller pipe was fashioned after ceremonial pipes that were used by Native Americans. When the Natives were forming treaties, they would share from a pipe, often referred to as the “peace pipe” as a way of formalizing the alliance. All these years later, the steamroller pipe was designed from and inspired by the Native American pipe and there’s no doubt that anyone smoking such a device will find a little peace.

While this pipe may be too much for beginners and many smokers for that matter, it does give you a unique and intense experience that many people enjoy. You might just need to be prepared to cough a little…or a lot. For those that take smoking seriously, curiosity may be enough to inspire you to give the steamroller pipe a try.


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