Smoke Tricks to Help You Not Cough Up Those Bong Rips

Smoke Tricks to Help You Not Cough Up Those Bong Rips

When people first start smoking bongs, they can find some of the side effects less than pleasant. While the overall result might be enjoyable, inhaling large quantities of smoke into your lungs in one huge hit may send you into a huge coughing fit. As if this isn’t uncomfortable enough on its own, bong hits are often taken amongst friends, adding embarrassment to the equation. You might look around your circle of comrades and notice everyone else inhaling their huge hits without a care in the world while you sputter and choke and wonder “what’s their secret?” Fortunately, there are a variety of smoke tricks to ease the process and make the experience of ripping a bong a lot more pleasant.

Why We Sometimes Cough When Ripping a Bong

using smoke tricks to stop from coughing after you take a hit from your bong

Simple breathing techniques can help prevent coughing after you take a hit from your bong.

Before we dive into the smoke tricks, it’s important to recognize what causes that uncontrollable need to erupt into a coughing fit. Firstly we must acknowledge that the smoke from a bong is hot and dry. The first instinct your lungs will have will be to attempt to dispel it as quickly as possible and get some fresh air. The other aspect of this is that the hot, dry air creates a tickle on the throat that usually triggers the cough. You will instinctively want cool, fresh air and moisture, thus the urge to both cough and drink water.

Controlled Breathing

So how do we get around this issue? Well firstly, we want to learn how to breathe from the diaphragm so that we are able to have better lung control. Taking a deep breath into the bottom of the lungs, feeling your abdomen expand on the inhale and contract on the exhale will be how you know you’re doing it right. Then you will be able to cushion the smoke going into your lungs with fresh air because you will have more lung capacity with which to work.

How to Take Your Bong Hit

This means, taking a few slow, deep, full breaths into the diaphragm, then some quicker ones before taking your hit. Take in a little bit of fresh air, allowing it to cushion the bottom of your lungs or diaphragm before taking in your hit. Once you have taken your hit, take in a little more fresh air. Just a couple of very quick, snappy breaths in. This will help cushion the area around your throat with fresh air too. While fresh air in this context is good, you don’t want to release the carb too abruptly. The change from smoke to fresh air in any sudden, harsh way like this will irritate your lungs. It is best to release the carb slowly and gently.

The Oldest of the Smoke Tricks

ice catcher easy way to take the heat off of bong rips

An ice catcher is an easy way to take the heat off of bong rips.

Another trick that many connoisseurs know is to stay aware of bong water temperature. If you can cool the water down, even putting ice in it, the hit will be much cooler and not as dry and therefore much smoother and easier to take in without irritation. Your bong probably has a built-in ice catcher to help you out. There are even bongs on the market with detachable glycerin packs to help you cool down your hits and keep those coughing fits under control.

These smoke tricks will help you to have a much more enjoyable experience smoking from a bong. You will impress yourself with how much you will be able to inhale and how much smoother the entire process will be.

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