Silicone and Acrylic Bongs Are Your Unbreakable Smoking Solution

Silicone and Acrylic Bongs Offer Unbreakable Smoking Solutions 2

Glass is the favorite material for bongs amongst smokers everywhere. The taste is smoother and cleaner than almost any other material. However, glass bongs can get very expensive and they have a tendency to break. Travel with a glass bong is the ultimate risk and it’s not one that’s worth taking given the price of buying a new one. If you have to move your bong around a lot or if it’s used by multiple people, glass may also pose a risk. Even the best intentions can sometimes fail and cleaning a glass bong is definitely one of those things that can lead to breakage. Once broken, the glass is almost impossible to fix. So what do you do if you need an unbreakable solution? Well acrylic bongs and silicone bongs can offer you a winning solution.

The Power of Plastic with Acrylic Bongs

silicone bongs vs acrylic bongs both are virtually unbreakable

A silicone bong compared to an acrylic bong.

Acrylic bongs are a tried and true solution when it comes to unbreakable bongs. These bongs have been used for many years as an unbreakable option and they offer an easy way to travel without risk of breakage. Acrylic bongs are extremely cheap. They’re made with mass produced plastic which makes them a lot more affordable. In fact, they are a very cheap option when it comes to buying a bong. They come in a variety of designs and colors which can sometimes make them a lot more appealing than the plain glass look. They’re easy to clean, usually much easier than cleaning a glass bong. The only problem is that this kind of bong produces a much harsher smoke than glass. But still, if you’re looking to get an unbreakable bong, acrylic offers a good solution.

The Resilience of Silicone Bongs

Silicone is a lesser known solution for unbreakable bongs. These are bendy bongs that can actually fold up for travel when the water pipe is removed. These come in a variety of colors as well. Silicone bongs are usually made from high quality, strong silicone that is BPA free, non-toxic and approved by the FDA. Cleaning these bongs is very easy. In fact, they are dishwasher safe so you can stick them in your machine and walk away. They have a removable ice catcher and a suction cap that allows them to be stuck somewhere convenient when they’re not being used. This is beneficial for both cleaning and storage. These bongs build up resin quickly though and need to be cleaned very often to keep from developing a bad smell and bad taste. Beyond this, they are an excellent choice of unbreakable bong that is highly convenient for travel.

The Benefits of an Unbreakable Bong

So while some people may be attached to the benefits of the glass or even ceramic bong, there are others who for any number of reasons would prefer to invest in a bong that won’t break easily. Whether it’s for travel, because you can be clumsy, you may not be able to afford a glass bong or you may be concerned what roommates or guests could do to your bong, an indestructible bong is good to have around. Both acrylic bongs and silicone bongs have their benefits and both are worth checking out.


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