How To Roll a Joint with 24k Gold Rolling Papers


Whether at a 420 social gathering among peers or at home by yourself with nothing to smoke your fresh eighth of OG Kush from than a pack of Zig Zags, knowing how to roll a joint to a stoner is the equivalent of knowing how to tie your shoes to the non-initiated cannabis smoker. With the onset of marijuana legalization sweeping the country slowly but surely, we thought we’d take some time out to tickle your green thumbs with this step by step guide to rolling a 24k gold joint. Ignore the vital information presented in this post and continue to wallow in the depths of marijuana mediocrity, if you don’t already know how to roll a joint. Master these steps however, and you’ll be rolling high quality, hand crafted jays in no time! 


Step 1: Roll the filter

Start by folding the paper once and then fold it the other way like an accordion and roll it into a circle.


Step 2: Shape/bend rolling paper to fit the fill

Dull side facing up, bend the 24k gold rolling paper into a shape that will hold the cannabis when you fill it.


Step 3: Grind marijuana and pour (Filter can be inserted before or after this step) 

Next, grind the marijuana and pour it on top of the paper, leaving room for the filter.


Step 4: Fold paper in half

Fold the paper in half, and holding it with your index fingers and thumbs, make a back and forth motion. This helps tighten the marijuana into a cylinder shape.


Tip: (If you have not put the filter in the joint yet, do so now.)


Step 5: Tuck the edges

Tuck the edges of the 24k gold rolling paper as you roll it upwards with your fingers. Use the round shape of the filter to help you. Also smooth the paper as you roll it up so it does not wrinkle or fold over itself.


Tip: When you are rolling a joint, you don’t want it too tight because you will cut off air flow and not get an efficient smoke out of it. On the contrary if the joint is not tight enough, it will burn too quickly and possibly fall apart which also results in an inefficient smoke.

Step 6: Lick and seal the end

Tuck in anything falling out from the open end and you’re done!


Although learning how to roll a joint may seem like a daunting task at first, the more that you roll, the better you’ll get it!

Happy 420 Smoking!


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