Relationship Advice: Couples Who Smoke Weed Together, Stay Together


It’s not just a perception. Studies show that couples that smoke weed together stay together. It’s not just because of the fact that they share similar hobbies, but the act of smoking can be a bonding experience, says certain relationship advice experts. Couples that smoke weed together trust

each other more, have better sex, enjoy nature more when they are high, and helps them open up emotionally and communicate. Some of the scientific reasons as to why this effect occurs are explained below, but for the most part, relationship advice.

Couples who smoke weed often have a great sex life

Romance-love-31708514-500-300It doesn’t work the same way for everyone, but a lot of couples have better sex lives as a result of smoking cannabis. Marijuana can be an aphrodisiac and it can help people focus on the present during sex. Both women and men report that marijuana use can make orgasms occur more intensely and more easily, and it can also make arousal easier. It may be more psychological than anything else and the effect can vary between indica and sativa strains, but many couples report that the effect is real.

 Cannabis reduces stress levels in relationships


A study in 2013 found that tetrahydrocannabinol reduces negative emotional bias, which means that it can help couples open up and reduces stress levels. THC also attaches to cannabinoid receptors that are affiliated with emotional processing. When couples are less stressed they are less likely to fight. Cannabis helps couples connect on more of an emotional level and can help make daily routines more enjoyable.

 Weed is linked to less domestic violence

090712-Domestic-ViolenceOn a more serious note, a 2014 study that was published in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors found a connection between couples that smoke weed or consume cannabis in general and a lower incidence of domestic violence. The study examined 634 couples over a period of nine years and wasn’t able to pinpoint exactly why the couples had less domestic violence, but the effect was real. It could be due to the stronger bonding that couples who smoke experience or lower stress levels.

Couples who smoke together have a shared hobby


The act of smoking together is a bonding experience that can definitely bring a couple closer together, in the same way that couples bond over drinks. It is a shared activity that both people enjoy and relate to, and it can make experiences like hiking and outdoor travel more interesting and fun. Having shared hobbies and interests is important for couples to stay together and be able to connect with each other. The bonding of smoking together can help alleviate stress and improve the relationship when there are rough waters.

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