Reasons For Using Bubblers To Smoke Marijuana


Many marijuana users are looking for alternative ways to smoke, especially ways that are more convenient and require less work or maintenance. There are a variety of options to choose from when deciding on a new smoking device, but one of the more unique products
to experience is a bubbler.


Like glass pipes, bubblers come in many shapes and sizes. Many of them have whimsical designs that get increasingly fun to look at the more you smoke. But unlike glass pipes, these bubblers have a water reservoir that creates a smoother smoking experience, almost like a bong. Many people prefer bongs as it decreases the temperature of the smoke and gives strong hits. Bubblers are similar, but the hits are not as strong.


It is easy to think of bubblers as a hybrid between glass pipes and bongs. They’re small and easy to carry around, so smoking from one is more efficient than smoking from a bong. While it does have the added maintenance requirement of changing out the water every so often, it does not require nearly as much water as a bong and is simple to clean.


Bubblers have a bowl, like glass pipes, and a small water reservoir that you fill up. Ideally, you’d fill up the bubbler with new water before each smoking session. Once it’s filled with water, you place the marijuana in the bowl. Once you’re ready to smoke, you light the bowl, release your thumb from the base of it, and inhale.

When using bubblers, be careful not to suck in too hard and accidentally inhale the water. This is another reason why it might be wise to change out the water frequently. As bubblers create a softer smoke, this product is much less irritating on the throat and can be used more often than glass pipes.

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