Nectar Collector: The Future of Dabbing

nectar collector dabbing

So it’s 7:10 and you’re aching to dab with your closest friends around your kitchen table. You’ve got you’re dab rig ready, torch in hand, and some wax you just picked up at your local dispensary. Before you light up that nail to scorching hot temperatures, let me tell you a little bit about an innovative

design in the dabbing industry that might just change the way that you dab. The Nectar Collector is leading the way in dabbing innovation by combining portability with efficiency. Upon initial impressions, the Nectar Collector looks like some futuristic pen or some alien probing device used for injecting plasma. It is marked with psychedelic designs that take glass blowing artistry to the next level. It is definitely the future of dabbing.

The Nectar Collector is, essentially, a water cooled oil vaporizing straw. The brainchild of Jeff Zobel and Kristian Merwin, the Nectar Collector began as a prototype meant for portability and ease of use in Boulder, Colorado, a state known for being a forward-thinker in the marijuana industry. The Nectar Collector’s unique patented design allows you to dab in the most cost-effective way possible by only using the slightest amount of concentrate. This vertical vaporizer eliminates the use of a dabber/wand and dome used in traditional dabbing rigs. Traditional dabbing rigs consist of three parts: a glass piece, a heating element (nail) and a torch to light the nail with. This method of consuming cannabis has proven to produce a cleaner hit as opposed to combusting the flowers because the concentrate does not combust but vaporizes. The Nectar Collector improves on the traditional dabbing rig design by making it more compact.

The Nectar Collector also comes with three parts plus an extra tip. Here’s how you use a Nectar Collector:


  •  You begin by filling the central percolation chamber (body) with water, about a third of the way.
  • Next, you insert the stem into the body. (They usually come with a stick of joint wax which you can apply to the glass-on-glass fittings to keep the pieces fitting snugly together)
  • After that, you heat the tip in the horizontal position to avoid leakage until it has an amber/red glow
  • You can then put the wax on a dish, glass or pad, then burn the wax with the Nectar Collector tip and Voila! You get an instant and enormous hit…

Just like traditional dab rigs, the Nectar Collector comes in glass, quartz, and titanium. They range in price from $240 for the mini to $900 for the v3.0. The more expensive Nectar Collectors come with a rotating metal pivoting stand that makes it easier to dab in this new vertical vaporizing process. Just like the ruby-throated hummingbird, you are able to collect the sweet nectar that is your concentrate and suck it up with minimal resistance.

Borosilicate glass doesn’t retain heat as well as titanium or quartz and it also breaks far more frequently. Titanium, on the other hand, can overheat and cause you to combust some of your concentrate so it’s to you to choose what type of material you want your Nectar Collector in.

Some people may feel a sense of attachment to their water pipe, dabbing rig, or vape pen, but it’s worth a shot to try out the Nectar Collector if a friend has it to give it a test run. The design may take some getting use to but the ingredients are there for a great dabbing experience. It’s also a great addition to any glass collection.

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