Mental Munchies: Get Smarter The More You Smoke


We’ve all been there – you get stoned and the munchies hit you like Ike Turner. And everything tastes like the sweet nectar of Olympus. Ever had pizza when you’re high? Amazing. Ever had any food when you’re high? Amazing. Likewise, music sounds better, films are more interesting and often times profound realizations are reached when we smoke. Like our appetite, our thoughts are elevated. But there is a profound difference between what happens neurologically to produce the munchies and what happens to create elevated thinking.


A study published on Nature by neuroscientist Tamas Horvath of Yale, explains that THC basically flips the appetite switch in the brain. We’re fooled to thinking we’re hungry when we’re in fact full. This is involuntary, something that happens outside of choice and is automatic to getting high. The same is not true for what happens when you get lost in a thought and reach a profound realization as explained in this video by ASAP Science: Your Brain on Weed. Essentially your brain is firing neurons at a much higher level than normal giving life to more imaginative thoughts and thinking that is less inhibited by limits. The difference between getting the munchies and elevated thinking is that one requires a spark of some sort while the other happens involuntarily.


Consider this: what if you could train your brain to develop itself in the same automatic way it does when you get the munchies? Having studied neuro linguistic programming for over 10 years, one of the most fascinating elements in the field is a thing called “anchoring”. Anchoring refers to the process of associating an internal response with some external or internal trigger so that the response may be quickly reaccessed. In this case, the response would be developing your mind in some type of way be it creating art, writing, learning something new or reading some useful literature etc… What this means is that you getting high becomes a trigger to improve your mental capacity. Just as a certain song can elicit very specific feelings so, too, can the feeling of getting lifted trigger certain desired responses.


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But how? How we do we get ourselves to do something until it becomes second nature and runs on its own? Here’s one way of many: Start the mind building exercise like reading or writing BEFORE you smoke. This way you will be reading for instance, blaze up and then be in the mental building activity when you get high. Once this process is repeated over and over again, you will begin to train your brain to associate the activity of smoking with developing your mind. Environmental cues aid in this process by sheer visual association. You have your book by your weed or your notepad by your dab pen etc… Our minds are extremely mold-able and trainable; we just have to give it direction and engage in repetition. And this formula can be applied to any area of life.


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So there you have it – you can get smarter, more creative, centered, balanced, or whatever you are going for by associating a choice activity or exercise with the act of smoking. For more in depth information about anchoring and NLP, click here: Anchoring by Robert Dilts. Oh, and don’t forget to have fun.Having fun while you accomplish something is almost as important as accomplishing it, sometimes even more so. 

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