Marijuana Vaporizer Pen Review: Taylor Gang Micro G Pen


The Taylor Gang Micro G Pen is the result of a joint venture between Grenco Science and rapper Wiz Khalifa. The Micro G Pen is a marijuana vaporizer pen designed for use with dry herbs as well as hash oil and wax,with separate tanks for each substance. It’s a convenient and discreet vape pen that works well for both personal use at home and when you’re traveling. The pen is also uniquely designed with a space theme and embodies Wiz Khalifa’s style while featuring the latest vape pen technology.

 The first vaporizer pen in space

Taylor Gang and Grenco Science posted a video of the vaporizer pen being launched over 114,000 feet into space, making it the first vaporizer to reach the outer parameters of our planet, perhaps a symbol of its modern technology. The Taylor Gang Micro G Pen features a unique central air flow system that results in very strong draws whether being used with dry marijuana or concentrates.

Four tanks are used for marijuana products. Two of the tanks are used for oils and concentrates while two are used for dry herbs. The tanks are easy to fill and although the pen is simple and intuitive to use, the draw technology sets it apart from other vaporizer pen models on the market. 

 My experience with the Micro G Pen

My first impression of the vaporizer was that it was very marketable. The product comes not only with Taylor Gang patches, but also a G Pen metal dabber, and cardboard box resembling a space capsule. Besides portable, small, and cool looking, it’s very easy to use this product discreetly, which is nice when vaping in public areas. It was easy to fill up with dry herbs, and the first hit was decent but I made the mistake of not grinding my weed up enough and it didn’t hit as strongly as it should have.


I filled up another tank with some concentrates and tried it again later at the movies (in the back-row), and the draw wasn’t that bad. The next day I tried the dry herbs again, except this time I grinded them up much finer using a metal grinder, and the hits were far better.

 The price is right for the vaporizer pen and it’s really convenient

Grenco Science and Wiz Khalifa really put a lot marketing efforts into this product, but it definitely lives up to the hype. There really are few disadvantages in this particular model besides the fact that you need to grind your dry herbs finely or it won’t hit as strongly. Other than that, it works great for both dry marijuana as well as wax concentrates and oils, and its portability makes it a great option for using unsuspectingly on the go.


Although there’s plenty of online head shops that sell this vaporizer pen at it’s retail price of about $75, you can find it significantly cheaper at:

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