How to Make a Stash Can Easily Using Items in Your Home

There are many reasons to want to find out how to make a stash can. Hiding your stash can be a matter of great urgency. For those who live with others, you might simply want to stop it from being stolen or from revealing yourself as a marijuana user. For others, living in states where marijuana is still under prohibition, a stash can is that much more important. Whatever your needs, knowing how to make a stash can will definitely come in handy and is worth knowing about.

What You’ll Need

stash cans are affordable but you can make your own if you need one in a hurry

Stash cans are affordable but you can make your own if you need one in a hurry.

It’s really a simple process. All you need is:

  • An empty aerosol or similar kind of can. This could be an empty whipped cream, paint, hairspray or cleaning can.
  • A can opener.
  • A large circular magnet that is the same size as the bottom of the can.

How to Make a Stash Can in 6 Easy Steps

Once you have assembled these items, the process is fairly straightforward and easy.

  1. Empty the can. Press the nozzle down and make sure that everything is completely cleared out of the can. To be sure your can is totally empty, press down on the nozzle until only air is coming out.
  2. Cut open the bottom. Once you are sure the can is totally empty, you can take your can opener and slice off the bottom of the can around the lip in the same way you would open any can of food. Make sure you are cutting open the bottom of the can, not the top. You will want the top of the can to look like an ordinary can as this will be the disguise that allows you to use the can as a secret spot.
  3. Clean the can. Take your time to thoroughly clean the inside of the can. You may need to soak it for some time before rinsing it out, depending on what was in the can.
  4. Now you can put your weed, along with any weed paraphernalia that will fit, in the can.
  5. In order to seal up the can you will place your magnet in the bottom. Because the can is made out of metal, the magnet will easily stick to the can.
  6. Now re-attach the cut off piece of metal of the can back onto the bottom of the can. The bottom of the can will stick to the magnet, which will be stuck to the metal can. You can now put your can upright and it will look like an ordinary can. No one will know that your stash is inside, hiding in plain sight.

This is a very simple process that can be a lifesaver during times where you need to keep your marijuana use discreet or when living in environments with other people. Knowing how to make a stash can is useful not only for storing weed, but these little hiding places can be used to stash all kinds of things including valuables and money. You can create as many as you like for different items and no one will be the wiser.

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