Joint Holders Offer the Help You Never Knew You Needed

Joint Holder Offers the Help You Never Knew You Needed

Joints are a time honored, classic way to smoke cannabis. A joint is small, light and looks a lot like a cigarette so it can be taken places a lot more discreetly than a bong or pipe. For people on the go, they are often a preferred way to smoke. So finding ways to make this smoking method more and more convenient has been a goal of many cannabis product manufacturers. Now, with the new joint holder, they’ve certainly accomplished this task. The joint holder is a must have item for cannabis consumers who have always preferred the time honored dooby.

The Trouble with Roaches

some joint holder models allow you to smoke two doobies at once

Some joint holder models allow you to smoke two doobs at once.

While smoking joints is a smooth and easy way to consume cannabis, it does have its down sides. The most obvious one is that, as the joint burns down, not only do you stink out your hand but you also run the risk of potentially staining or even burning your fingers. It can make smoking the last bit of your joint near impossible. Another thing to note is that joints require the use of your hands. While this is fine for the most part, if you’re a musician, writer, gamer or artist, you might like to free up the use of your hands as much as possible. These are inconveniences that have been addressed in the creation of the joint holder.

The Hands-Free Benefits of a Joint Holder

The joint holder can come in a number of designs that will allow you to smoke your joint without actually touching it. There are joint holders that come in the shape of a plastic ring that has a clamp-like device to attach a joint to or they may be carved wooden devices that you can attach a joint to while you smoke on the other end. This clever little accessory will hold your joint, making it even smoother, cleaner and easier to enjoy cannabis. Plus, it even allows you to consume the entire thing with no issue. It saves your hands from bad smells, stains and burns which is a definite bonus. Then there’s the best part. This little ring allows you to enjoy your cannabis while engaging in other activities with your hands. For people who work or create with their hands, this opens up a whole new way to smoke. There are even joint holders that allow you to smoke two cigarettes at once!

The Roach Clip

joint holder ring allows you to keep an eye on your doob during work or play

This ring model allows you to keep an eye on your smoke while you work or play.

Roach clips are a similar item that is useful for those who enjoy a joint. You clip your joint to the end of the holder and it will do all the heavy lifting for you. The joint holders that come in the shape of a ring are a lot more convenient if you intend on smoking as you work or play. With these accessories, the joint is attached to your finger so you can both smoke it with ease and keep an eye on to make sure it doesn’t burn anything down.

All in all, joint holders are a must have accessory for cannabis lovers who especially enjoy a joint. They enhance convenience and facilitate the process of smoking in a safe and clean way. You can always count on a good joint holder to free your hands so you can smoke with ease.

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