How To Spark A Bong With A Magnifying Glass


It’s not common knowledge but you can actually spark a bong without needing matches or a lighter. With a simple magnifying glass you can light your bong with a method called a “solar flare”.

The magnifying glass can heat up the weed enough to where it starts to combust, and the results are pretty good even if it isn’t that sunny outside.

If you are particularly concerned about smoke for whatever reason this method doesn’t create that much smoke.

If you happen to be in a situation where you don’t have matches but have a magnifying glass handy, or if you just want to try it for fun, give this method a shot.

Just hold the magnifying glass in direct sunlight

All you need to do is hold the magnifying glass in the direct path of sunlight (of course it needs to be somewhat sunny outside) and then wait until it starts smoking.

You can try it indoors or outdoors, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t get it to start smoking right away keep trying. Try altering the angle of the glass until it starts to smoke just a little.

The taste might be better

You might find that the taste of the weed is better with the magnifying glass method. Some people say that it tastes “cleaner” or “greener”, and if you have ever been worried about contaminants from lighter smoke or match smoke, this method is about as clean as it gets.

It’s great for you environmentally conscious smokers, and it’s totally renewable and portable. If you happen to live a sunny climate it’s even better because you’ll be able to use it most of the year, and you won’t have to spend extra money on matches or lighters.


Try it at least once in your life

Matches have sulfur which can change the taste of your weed, and some people think that lighters can leave a weird aftertaste according to some. Zippo lighters are even worse as the fuel tastes horrible, but it can stand up to wind better.

The magnifying glass method is a clean way to light a bong, and although it won’t get you higher it’s definitely a cool trick. If you’re a serious smoker it’s definitely worth a try at least once in your life just to say you did it. If nothing else you’ll impress your friends at a party and you’ll have another way to light a bong when you don’t have a lighter available.

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