How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in 7 Steps


If you’re fortunate enough to reside in one of the states where medicinal marijuana has been recently legalized, you may have found yourself wondering how to get a medical marijuana card. Whether it’s an easy or complex process depends a lot on your state. For example, Venice Beach is infested with green neon signs offering silent promises of an easy vetting process with same-day results. Other states don’t turn over the green so easily. If you’re pondering how to get a medical marijuana card, these 7 steps should help you along no matter where you reside.

1. Ask Yourself Why You Want a Medical Marijuana Card

big-questions-to-ask-yourself-in-dating-and-love-300x196Before you find out how to get a medical marijuana card, you’ll need to figure out what you plan to do with it. Then you’ll need to compare that information against what your state will actually allow. For example, you’ll want to know how much you can carry on your person at any given time. If you’re thinking about starting a home grow, you’ll also want to be on the up-and-up about your state’s limitations on plants grown at home. Some states are rather generous while others won’t even allow home growing.

2. Research How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Your State


This one’s a bit of a no-brainer. You’re on board with the research, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. But the first thing you’ll want to consider when attempting to get your hands on that MMJ card is whether your specific condition is covered in your state. If you’ve hit a snag with your state’s guidelines, research literature on how to get a medical marijuana card in a state that doesn’t cover your condition. In some cases, you may be directed to your state’s health department for a written exemption.

3. Make Sure You Have the Proper Identification


When determining how to get a medical marijuana card in any state, proper identification is key. In most cases, your standard driver’s license or passport should do just fine. However, there are extra steps to consider when looking into how to get a medical marijuana card for a minor. For situations involving an MMJ card for a minor, you’ll need to provide at least a consent form from the parent or legal guardian. If your card will be issued at the county level, you’ll need proof of residence within your county. Rest assured that this should be easily covered by your driver’s license or passport.

4. Get Written Consent from a Doctor

DoctorWritten consent from your doctor is possibly the most crucial step in the process. Your research into how to get a medical marijuana card may have already guided you to a new doctor who you’d like to start seeing for your condition. If the MMJ card is the focus for you, you’ll want to find a doctor sympathetic to such treatment. Some states put heat on their doctors about prescribing cannabis. If you live in such a state, you may want to avoid appearing too eager for a marijuana prescription. Possibly wait an appointment or two before bringing up the potential of cannabis treatment.

5. Fill Out the Necessary Forms


This should be a fairly straightforward process, but you’ll want to make sure you have the information on hand to properly fill out your forms. If you’re researching how to get a medical marijuana card for a minor, then the parent or guardian will be required to fill out such forms.

6. Have Your Cash Ready


The medical marijuana card doesn’t come for free but fees differ from state to state. In step 2, when you were reading up on how to get a medical marijuana card in your county, you more than likely came across your state’s current fees. Also, be prepared to pay for the doctor’s consultation and, of course, the cannabis from the dispensary.

7. Mail in Your Forms

For the lucky few, Step 6 is the final step. However, some states are a bit more stringent about the regulations and requirements and will require you to mail in copies of your forms, doctor’s recommendation, and prescription to the state or county health department. Then you’re in the unenviable position of waiting for your card to arrive in the mail.


The good news is that once you’ve figured out how to get a medical marijuana card and gone through the initial process, you’ll have a much easier (and cheaper) experience with the annual renewal. Some states may require you to go through the process again but this is thankfully rare. Whether it’s a painless process or a somewhat grueling ordeal, you’re now at least on your way to holding that simple piece of plastic that grants you so much.

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