How To Clean A Bong


A dirty bong can ruin the taste of your weed and of course it’s disgusting. Maintaining your bong is easier than you think, and if you clean it out every week or at least once a month, it will help to guarantee that it hits hard and that every hit is clean and tastes the way that it should. Below are the steps to how to clean a bong

or water pipe using the most cost effective and efficient means.

Step 1.) Pour the bong out

Sink or toilet depending on how nasty your piece is

The first step is to pour the bong out and remove the loose parts. Take out the bowl and the mouthpiece and set it aside. Pour the bong out into a toilet to avoid your pipes from getting clogged.

Step 2.) Rinse the pipe and the pieces with warm water

Rinse these parts

The next step is to rinse out the pipe and the detachable pieces with hot water – as hot as you can stand. Rinse them thoroughly and discard the waste water in a sink or toilet. Be careful with this step and make sure that the water isn’t scalding hot.

Step 3.) Use a homemade solution to clean the bong

Step by step cleaning solution

Don’t go out and purchase a pipe cleaning solution; this isn’t necessary. Use a homemade mixture of isopropyl alcohol and Epsom or table salt. Add a generous amount of salt into a spray bottle filled with isopropyl alcohol, shake it up to mix it, and spray the inside of the bong. Spray the solution throughout the inside of the bong and pour out a small amount into it.

Step 4.) Cover the openings and shake

Shake it like you mean it

Cover the openings of the bong and shake the solution so that it hits all the inside areas of the bong. Shake it vigorously for at least 4 to 5 minutes, and make sure there is about a half cup of solution in the bong (less for smaller bongs). Pour out the solution after shaking it, and repeat this step as needed.

Step 5.) Clean the harder to access areas with a bottle brush

Brush it out!

Use a bottle brush to clean out the hard to reach areas of the pipe. You can buy this at a hardware or retail store for a few dollars, and it will serve you well.

Use the spray bottle to spray the brush with the solution before cleaning, and use a coat hanger with a paper towel wrapped around it (soaked in the solution) for the smallest parts of your bong.


Use me, don’t abuse me

Put it back together and that’s it! At this point your bong should be cleaned up nicely; just let it dry out which shouldn’t take too long.


A loser’s mentality


Here’s a video in case you missed any steps!


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