Hookah Pipe Offers an Exotic Way to Smoke Weed

Hookah Pipe Offers an Exotic Way to Smoke Weed

Smoking pot from a hookah pipe, seems like an impossible notion, but this is not the case. There are a couple of ways that it can be done and the experience is very enjoyable and fun. You can get a powerful hit from a hookah pipe if done correctly and the benefits are worth the effort.

Packing Your Bowl Properly

hookah pipe may not seem ideal for marijuana but has advantages

A hookah pipe may not seem ideal for marijuana smoking but it has its advantages.

There are different ways you can consume your pot using a hookah. You can add a sprinkle of pot to your shisha, in particular if you add it as a middle layer. The other way you can smoke it is to place a quarter size screen in a hookah bowl and then light it using a lighter instead of coals. If you don’t put the screen in there you will end up wasting a large amount of the pot so this step is important if you want to get a nice, big hit.

Keeping Your Hose Clean

The biggest potential problem with using a hookah pipe to smoke your weed, is making sure to keep the hose clean. Resin builds up easily and this can become a big issue, blocking your pipe if kept unchecked. Most hookah pipes come with a washable hose and these will need to be cleaned after every few sessions. In order to get out the resin you will need to use rubbing alcohol and salt. Fill the hose with an alcohol and salt solution and swish the solution through the hose. Keep swishing for about 20 minutes. You may need to blow the solution through one end of the hose and then blow it through the other end. Rinse the hose out and then repeat the process a few times until your hose is clear of resin.

Resin Collection

easy cannabis resin collection is a bonus of using a hookah pipe

Easy cannabis resin collection is a bonus of using a hookah pipe.

While having to spend time cleaning out a hose so regularly may be a pain, there is an advantage to using a pipe that fills up so quickly with resin. The stem of a hookah pipe also very quickly becomes a goldmine of resin. For those who love concentrates, this will definitely be an added benefit. You can scrape out the resin from the stem and then clean your stem by soaking it in the alcohol and salt solution for 30 minutes before giving it a good rinse.

Choosing Your Hookah Pipe

If you’re going to smoke from a hookah pipe, it’s best not to hold back on cost. Small hookah pipes are lighter, easier to hide and more portable. Larger hookah pipes will give you a nice smooth hit as they will cool the smoke better. Whichever you choose, just make sure it has a washable hose and is a high quality pipe.

Hookahs are fun to smoke from and can give you an even bigger hit than a bong. You may need to wash it more often but part of that process involves collecting the resinous concentrates that the hookah pipe quickly delivers. All in all, it’s a smooth, enjoyable experience for those who are willing to give it a try.

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