Helix Pipe Delivers Incredibly Smooth Hits Without Water

Helix Pipe Delivers Incredibly Smooth Hits Without Water

Despite disagreements in the 420 community, everyone can pretty much agree that we want a smoother hit. So it’s no wonder there is a constant flow of new tips and inventions designed to provide this. Water pipes made from “scientific” glass with added attachments for cooling water or shapes that allow for a larger cooling space have been all the rage lately but it’s not just the water pipes that are getting the upgrades. Dry pipes, which are great for their portability and ability to give you access to quick hits of weed, are also getting modified to provide a smoother, tastier hit. The helix pipe is a popular new kind of pipe that can provide you with a big, smooth, tasty hit that you won’t believe came out of your dry pipe.

Using Bernoulli’s Principle

grav labs helix pipe one of the more reliable models

The Grav Labs Helix Pipe is one of the most reliable models on the market.

It uses a process called “Bernoulli’s principle” which is generally used to cool homes, attics and exhaust gases among other things. The way that it works in the pipe is that fresh air is introduced through three tiny holes in the smoke chamber that are placed at very specific angles. When you hit the pipe, the smoke enters the chamber and is hit by the fresh air which causes the smoke to spin in the middle of the chamber without touching the walls. A really thin layer of the hot smoke is peeled off and the smoke becomes cooler through its interaction with the fresh air. The result is a smooth, soft, cool hit that goes down so easy that you will be able to take bigger hits.

The Importance of Holding the Carb

It’s extremely important to hold down the carb and, if possible, cover the bowl until all of the smoke has almost left the chamber. You can allow the holes in the chamber to carb the smoke for you until right at the end of your hit. If you don’t do this, the smoke won’t have the chance to cool down and your hit might be even hotter and harsher instead. For those who don’t know about this part of the process, the benefits of the helix pipe will be lost. For those who take their hits as instructed, they will reap the rewards.

Why Waterless Works for the Helix Pipe

water free design of glass helix delivers surprisingly smooth smoke

The water free design of helix pipes delivers surprisingly smooth smoke.

The helix pipe has many benefits. Firstly, you can experience the convenience of a dry pipe without the harshness and the heat. Dry pipes are easy to bring anywhere. No water and their small size means they can be taken pretty much anywhere with ease. The downside is that the hits are so hot and harsh, it’s hard to take a big one. With the helix pipe, you can enjoy the same size hits you get from your bong without the flavor being stripped by the water. You can enjoy the same level of smoothness anywhere you go and you don’t need to ever go through the labor and time involved in using a bong unless you want to.

A good helix pipe should cost approximately $70 and it’s important to beware of low quality rip offs that may not work so well. So long as you get a decent quality pipe and use it correctly, you will enjoy a new world of smooth and tasty dry pipe smoking.

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