Heady Glass Compared to Scientific Glass

Heady Glass Compared to Scientific Glass

Heady glass and scientific glass both have their uses and are loved individually for their unique attributes. Much discussion has occurred over which is actually better but this debate is endless. The truth is that both have their uses and therefore appeal to people for different reasons. Glass pipes are a clear favorite amongst marijuana smokers. The hit is smoother and tastes far better than other devices used for smoking. The only problem is that they are very breakable. On top of this, the bongs are also extremely expensive and breaking your favorite bong may mean you won’t be able to replace it for a while. They are also nearly impossible to fix, even for the would-be MacGyvers of the 420 community. Evaluating the benefits of scientific and heady glass is a good idea so that you can know what you’re getting into when you buy your smoking device.

Scientific Glass

scientific glass bongs often look like lab equipment

This is a type of borosilicate glass piece that is created with multiple holes in the percolator and uses water. The first thing to take in is the fact that it is very strong and thick. This has obvious benefits for those who are purchasing a glass pipe and want it to last. It is able to withstand a lot more heat and has a higher softening point as a result. This means that stress fractures rarely happen which, once again, speaks to the durability of scientific glass. These glass pieces usually have a scientific look to them where they resemble a beaker or something you’d find in a scientific lab. The glass is usually clear and can occasionally have minor color accents. It can be considered a better smoking experience because they have been created in innovative ways that specifically designed to cool, filter and remove toxins from your smoke.

Heady Glass

heady glass pipes more stylized than scientific glass

Heady glass is used to make a much more colorful and artistic looking smoking device. Glass blowing techniques are used to create intricate, unique design that are not mass produced but rather place emphasis on their visually unique individuality. High end glass is typically used and complex glassblowing techniques are often employed that can include sandblasting, fuming, millies, accents, sculpting, reversals, wig wags, honeycomb, electroforming, marbles, worked sections, and rettis, just to name a few. These pieces are visually outstanding and popular as a result. You cannot mistake something that has been made with heady glass. The one of a kind, artistic designs make the bong incredibly special and unique. The scientific glass on the other hand provides a reliable, but not quite so visually interesting bong if you’re looking for something flashy.

These two types of glass pieces couldn’t be more different on a visual level yet each offers indisputable benefits. It comes down to what kind of piece you’d like to use and represent you. The clean, highly functional scientific glass piece or the creative, colorful, unique and original heady glass piece. In the end it may come down more to personality than which is actually better in any kind of conclusive way. Whichever you choose, you’ll have a nice piece on your hands.


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