Glycerin Coil Offers Unique Cooling Solution for Your Bong

Glycerin Coil Offers Unique Cooling Solution for Your Bong

For those who enjoy smoking their weed from water pipes, an improved experience and heightened effects are worth the extra expense. Typically, when smoking through a water pipe, the experience is a lot less harsh because the hot, dry, smoky air is cooled down by the water before it reaches you. However, the impact of the hit is very intense and, for people with sensitive lungs, it can still feel too harsh. For those of us who just enjoy the smoothest possible hit, the experience can still feel a little heavy on the lungs. Thankfully, there are various ways to get around this issue, to make the smoking experience as pleasurable as possible.

Using Ice to Cool Your Hits

ice catcher commonly employed to cool hits

An ice catcher is commonly employed to cool hits.

For starters, the most obvious solution to the problem is ice. The hot harsh air from a pipe hit is the cause of the unpleasant coughing and burning often felt in the lungs. The water does a little to resolve this issue but ice can really step this solution up a notch. You can place ice in the water directly or even get kits that are designed for putting ice in your water pipe in a manageable way. There is an obvious drawback to using ice, however. When ice melts, it raises the water level. This is fine as long as it doesn’t raise the water level so high that you start inhaling water during your pipe hits. This can be a really unpleasant experience as bong water in the mouth is a flavor that can really haunt you.

Ideal Properties of Glycerol

One way that you can make your pipe hits smoother and more enjoyable without using ice is through glycerol. Glycerol, or as it’s more commonly known glycerin, is a simple ingredient that is made from sugar alcohol. It’s an ingredient that is used in a lot of things including the glass industry since it has an extremely low freezing point. This is a liquid substance that can withstand extremely low temperatures without going solid or expanding which makes it extremely useful. Instead, when it is frozen, it will form into a gummy texture at low temperatures which makes it a perfect ingredient to add to gummy candy and for preserving fruits. This safe, sweet, translucent compound also has a high boiling point which makes it a very versatile substance. It stays frozen in its gummy state for many hours and can be added to your pipe in this form.

Advantages of Using a Glycerin Coil

glycerin coil offers advanced method for cooling hits

The glycerin coil offers advanced methods for cooling hits.

A glycerin coil is an excellent way to utilize the unique power of glycerin for cooling down your hit. The glycerin is molded into a coil and then attached to the glass bong in a strategic area where it can be kept cool, often through electronic means. The smoke then passes through the glycerin coil and, in doing so, is cooled down immensely. Many companies have developed water pipes that have a glycerin coil built into it. These pipes place the coil somewhere where it will not impede the smoker.

Overall, a glycerin coil is well worth the investment if smoother, cooler hits factor strongly into your enjoyment of your smoking sessions. Ice is manageable enough if you’re trying to save money but the convenience and effectiveness of glycerol could still improve your experience. Several of the glycerin coils on the market are very affordable so it’s also a low risk investment for a smoking connoisseur.


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