Glass Gravity Bong DIY Crash Course

Glass Gravity Bong DIY Crash Course

Bongs are not always affordable. Especially if you’re looking for a bong with quality. Nor are they always available. There may be times when you are at a party or away from home and seriously crave a smoke. Or you might smash your glass piece and need to wait to get a new one. In all of these situations, a makeshift temporary bong can be a life saver. The gravity bong is one such contraption. It costs next to nothing, is easy to make and the hits from this particular device pack a serious punch. For a cleaner, healthier version, you can also use a glass gravity bong. Either way, only one or two hits are enough to deliver a great high.

How to Make a Gravity Bong

how to make diy gravity bong infographic

Making your own DIY gravity bong is easy. (source: unknown)

So what is a gravity bong? It’s a funny looking contraption that is made from cheap items, usually found around the home. Firstly you need a smaller empty water bottle that is cut three quarters down with the cap upright. You will place this smaller bottle in either a bucket or a larger water bottle that has three quarters cut off the top so it functions as a small bucket or bowl. Water is placed in this bucket or bottle. The cap of the smaller bottle will have a hole cut in it with aluminum foil surrounding it creating a bowl for the marijuana.

Now you submerge the smaller bottle in water until it is almost filled to the top. You light the weed that’s in the cap and slowly pull the smaller bottle up. As it goes up, it will cause the smaller bottle to fill with smoke. Now you can unscrew the cap and inhale the smoke that was pulled into the bottle.

Why People Love Gravity Bongs

The advantages of the gravity bong are pretty obvious at first sight. For starters, it is absolutely dirt cheap with most of the things you’ll need to make your bong lying around the house. Secondly, it will give you a massive hit. You will be able to extract a lot more smoke from a minimal amount of weed. This is another way that the gravity bong saves you weed and money. It offers a new way to smoke which can be fun to try and it is fun at parties or when smoking in a group. People can take turns inhaling the smoke from one hit.

Why You Should Use a Glass Gravity Bong

glass gravity bong offers heavy impact hits

A glass gravity bong still offers heavy impact hits but is considered cleaner and healthier than homemade plastic gravity bongs.

On the other hand, it is not the healthiest way to smoke. Smoking from aluminum is pretty toxic and not pleasant tasting. Plastic is also not an ideal material for smoking. The hits tend to be cooled and smoothed out by the water but could also be too big, causing smokers to have a coughing fit. In its rudimentary form, the gravity bong can be cheap and nasty. On the other hand, you can use a glass bowl for the weed to avoid using aluminum. You can also purchase a glass gravity bong from stores. This way, you can be certain to enjoy the process of smoking with the gravity bong in a healthier, cleaner tasting way.

Whether you prefer the plastic or glass gravity bong is up to you. Either way, the gravity bong offers another way to smoke weed that can be cheap, easy and fun.

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