Glass Ashtray Has Nothing On These Modern Ashtrays for Weed

Glass Ashtray Has Nothing On These Modern Ashtrays for Weed

The glass ashtray is a classic design that comes to mind when we think of ashtrays. Yet in today’s world where smoking is gradually becoming legalized, this classic idea is receiving an overhaul. There are many new kinds of ashtrays for weed smokers entering the market, designed to take care of the needs of the average smoker. Some of these ashtrays are simply design variations that include weed themes such as having weed leaves in the design but there are also many others with more of an emphasis placed on functional needs. These are just a few:

Silicone Won’t Break Like a Glass Ashtray

silicone wont break like a glass ashtray

Silicone won’t break like a glass ashtray.

Silicone is a material that is becoming more and more popular amongst smokers and dabbers. Its ability to resist heat and melting makes it perfect as a smoking accessory. Another aspect that can make it more appealing than a glass ashtray is that it won’t break and it’s extremely easy to clean. All in all, these factors are a big plus. Silicone ashtrays often have holes around the sides for holding bowls and joints, depending on your preference. They come in sleek attractive designs with various colors from which to choose. They are great to use for holding joints and dabbing tools. They won’t melt, burn or break and they’re easy to clean. What more could you want in an ashtray!

Eliminating Odor with Smokeless Ashtrays

Smokeless ashtrays are an incredible new invention that are designed to really minimize odor. They have a carbon filter that absorbs smoke and odors when turned on, which occurs by simply opening the ashtray lid. The filter will be located within and absorb the smoke. They are battery operated and it’s very easy to move the ash tray and clean it. The one thing to note is that they can be a little loud when turned on. It’s best to do a little research to find the best brand for you. At any rate these are a miraculous little invention that can be picked up for under $20.

Differing Ashtray Designs

debowler ashtrays should not be used when ash still hot

Debowler ashtrays should not be used when the ash is still hot.

Puzzle ashtrays can be a great way to have an all-in-one smoking accessory kit. They come with an ash catcher plus compartments for storing your weed, rolling paper, filters and a lighter. They are usually very artfully designed and attractive in the home. These can also be a good tool for travel if you’re wanting a way to transport your weed and smoking accessories in one compartment. Other ashtrays in this vein include box ashtrays with compartments for holding joints. There are several like this on the market, many coming in an attractive wood design.

The Debowler Ashtray

For a cheap, easy and useful ashtray, there is the debowler ashtray which is essentially a plastic ashtray with a spike in the middle for unblocking bowls. These are made of plastic so it’s important to not try and debowl while there is hot ash in the bowl but generally speaking these are very useful, durable ashtrays that are a definite treasure to have around the home.

All in all, there are many modern alternatives to the glass ashtray that much more specifically suit the needs of various weed smokers. It’s just a matter of trying some out and seeing what works best for you.

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