Extreme Dabbing: 442 Grams of Marijuana Wax, Gone In An Afternoon

dabbing world record

In an epic display of extreme dabbing, a group of Canadians at the latest Kush Cup 2015 in Vancouver, decided to hotbox using over 400 grams of marijuana concentrates. Although the method of ingestion is somewhat unclear

(appearing to heat concentrates on metal plates) the end result was most certainly understood: a room full of delirious dabbers and highly medicated individuals.

Dabbing for the World Record

In the video posted recently on pot.tv, the group off stoners is shown congregating in a small room of white smoke, as chunks of marijuana concentrates are burned openly on circular metal slabs. More than doubling last year’s record,  442 total grams of cannabis concentrates are burned in the open air, as the Notorious B.I.G.’s “One More Chance” blasts in the background, adding to the stoner ambiance. During last year’s attempt, 194 total grams of wax were consumed in a similar fashion, leaving many participants “dabbed out”.


Reactions to the Video

Reactions to the videos have been mixed. Some say that the display of overt cannabis inhalation is a complete waste of product, and makes the industry look bad. Others say that the video is in good jest, and shows what you can do with a ton of dabs in a room full of stoners. Regardless of your opinion, a new record has been set for extreme dabbers everywhere.

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