Downstem Cleaning and Maintenance Made Easy

Downstem Cleaning and Maintenance Made Easy

Bongs are not always the easiest household item to keep clean. It’s likely that when you’re using your bong, you want to relax and let go; not clean and maintain. Resin build up isn’t the easiest thing to wipe clean with its sticky gooey texture. Cleaning your piece can seem like an overwhelming task so it can be easy to put it off until your piece becomes unusable. But it need not be such a daunting endeavor. There are many easy ways to unblock and clean your downstem that will make the upkeep of your bong a hassle-free experience. These are a few ways to make cleaning your bong a breeze.

1. Isopropyl Alcohol Soaks the Resin Away

common isopropyl alcohol can clean a downstem bong efficiently

Isopropyl alcohol is an extremely easy way to clean your downstem. Use a high alcohol concentration (90 percent is good) for removing the stubborn grime that coats your bong. Soak your downstem in a container of alcohol for at least 20 minutes. Allow the grime to soak up the alcohol and loosen its grip on your piece. You can add a little rock salt to the mix and shake up the solution. The salt will not dissolve but rather act as a scrub. You could also use pipe cleaners to scrub away residual grime. The result will be a sparkling clean bong.

2. Phosphoric Acid or Sodium Hydroxide Disinfects

phosphoric acid can act as a disinfectant on downstem resin

Many people use boiling to disinfect and clear away all the germs that can be living in a dirty bong. This is actually a terrible way to clean your piece, especially if it’s made of plastic which can warp or metal which can fatigue. Glass is less likely to fatigue but there are still better ways to disinfect your piece. Phosphoric acid or sodium hydroxide will disinfect your downstem and entire bong without warping or ruining it in any way. You can also use it to disinfect the outside of the bong to ensure that it is as clean as possible.

3. Denture Cleaning Tablets Can Clean Downstems Too

denture cleaning tablets can also be used to clean downstem pipes

Another easy and cheap way to clean your downstem is to try using tablets that are designed for cleaning dentures. These tablets will fizz up when dissolved in water. You can place your piece in a container of hot water and then drop in a tablet. The water will immediately fizz up when it connects with the denture cleaning tablet. Allow the piece to sit for about half an hour in this solution and then rinse it clean when you’re done. Baking soda and white vinegar will also have a similar effect. They will create a fizzing solution that will go a long way to helping keep your piece clean. Just allow the downstem to soak for at least half an hour and then wash it clean.

These are just a few ways to clean your bong and effectively remove all the grime, resin build up and germs that can ruin your smoking experience. You can also invest in one of the many 420 cleaning solutions on the market that can be used to easily clean your bong. Many require that you simply soak your piece in the liquid and then enjoy the results. Whatever you choose to use, it’s important for your health and smoking experience that you are able to smoke from a clean and clear bong. Don’t hesitate to make cleaning your bong a regular part of your routine.

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