Domeless Nail vs. Domed Nail Debate Has No Clear Winner

Domeless Nail vs Domed Nail Debate Has No Clear Winner

There are countless ways to consume weed these days, especially as the plant becomes legal in more places. Likewise there seems to be endless exciting modifications made in the world of dabbing. Everyone wants the best rig and who can blame them? It’s human nature. A person’s rig can be a source of great pleasure and pride so it’s only natural to want the best. This is where the debate over which is the best kind of nail for dabbing heats up. The old domeless nail versus domed nail debate has been going on for some time now with no clear indication of either coming out on top. In essence, it really seems to be a matter of preference since both have their benefits.

Pros and Cons of a Domed Nail

domed nail conserves vapor but takes longer to heat.

A domed nail conserves vapor but takes longer to heat.

In the case of the domed nail, you have a variety materials from which to choose including titanium, ceramic, quartz, or glass. You heat your nail and your concentrate of course, then you place the dome over the top to ensure that you don’t lose any vapor. At this point you can dab. These are generally nice nails that are cost effective and easy to use. The dome makes them a little safer and the fact that they capture the vapor ensures that you get a consistent, even hit that is really perfect for individual use. The downside is that they take much longer to heat up. The dome means they have an extra attachment that will ultimately need cleaning and maintenance too. Essentially these are great nails for people that don’t necessarily dab too frequently and don’t mind the heat time.

Why Frequent Dabbers Often Like the Domeless Nail

A domeless nail on the other hand comes with a bigger dish, which means that those who are looking for a bigger hit can have one. The domeless nail heats up a lot quicker which is a big plus for many. Some can be modified to multiple joint fittings which is great for those who want versatility. Plus there is less risk of burn without having the whole ordeal of trying to position a dome in place on a heated nail. Many domeless nails are made from titanium which can be a plus for some and a put off for others who enjoy using glass nails.

Vapor Loss

blue titanium domeless nail ideal for frequent dabbers

A domeless nail is great for frequent dabbers because it offers bigger hits.

On the other hand, not putting on a dome means that there is a risk of vapor loss. It also means that if you want to avoid this, you may need to buy a carb cap which is both an extra expense as well as more maintenance. This also brings us to the general issue of price as domeless nails are more expensive. These are the kind of nails that are more suited to frequent dabbers. There is less heating time, bigger hits and more versatility; all good things for those who like to dab on a much more regular basis.

Overall there are pros and cons for each variety of nail. Each type suits a different kind of purpose and depending on who you are and how frequently you dab, each has its benefits. Generally speaking though, an easy rule of thumb for generalizing is that frequent dabbers like the domeless variety while the casual dabber might benefit more from a domed nail.

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