Dab Rig Reviews: The Dabuccino


The Dabuccino is a water concentrate pipe, also known as a dab rig,  that comes in the shape of a coffee cup made for smoking “dabs” or concentrated butane hash oil.  The pipe is made from high quality and durable frosted borosilicate glass on the top, with clear glass on the bottom. There were only 1000 of them produced on their first run in two different sizes – 10 and 14 millimeters. The popularity of these pipes has increased since their first production run as they are convenient, portable, and they hit hard.

 Hitman Glass Produced the First Version of the Dabuccino


Hitman Glass is the company that produced the very first version of the Dabuccino. During the first production run each pipe was individually numbered and came with a certificate of authenticity. Because the pipe was so popular initially, several companies started producing the cheap dab rigs to compete with them. The original Dabuccino model made with higher quality glass and materials, but the cheaper models are impressively similar. You can find the original Dabuccino for around $700-$800 on most legitimate websites.

 The Lower Priced Dabuccino Models Are Made in China and Elsewhere


The rip-offs of the Dabuccino are often made in China, and you might be able to find some models made elsewhere. These models are usually priced much lower than the original Dabuccino. You can usually find the rip-off models for around $25 to $500. They won’t come with a certificate of authenticity.

I Tried Smoking Out of the Legitimate Model Recently and It Was a Great Experience

I tried a cheaper dab rig recently and the real deal, and the difference was not significant. The cheap rig hit almost as hard and there was literally no difference in taste. The main difference was the glass. The glass used to make the cheaper one was thin and light, and if I dropped it there’s no doubt that it would have broken.


The legitimate Dabuccino had a nice clean and strong hit. It also felt like it was made from sturdy glass, and it was heavier in weight. Also the sandblasted logo looks great and the fixed straw is easy to hit from.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with the cheaper versions of the Dabuccino if you just want a Dabuccino look alike that will hit well. The glass isn’t as nice, but glass is glass. Most importantly, the less expensive version doesn’t taste any differently than the $800 version and it hits almost as hard.

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