Dab Rig Review: 8″ Double Barrel Recycler


At first sight, this dab rig could spark the curiosity of even the most novice user of glass pipes. Shaped like a figure 8 and fitting a 14mm sized glass nail, which I replaced with a 14mm titanium nail, this little 8 inch rig, gets the job done, and gets the job done well.


Heating the Nail

Unlike other nails that I’ve overly torched in the past, I recently read from certain online sources that you don’t have to heat up a titanium nail until they’re blistering red. (wish I would have known this before) This time I tried seasoning the nail just enough to cause vapor, without overheating. According to certain sources, the ideal temperature to vaporize dabs is anywhere between 400-700 degrees F, so I didn’t go trigger happy with the butane torch this time as I usually do with my dabs. I used a 14mm sized M/F 6 in 1 titanium nail that actually fits 3 different sizes of dab rig.

The Dabs

The concentrate used in this hit was some high grade Indica based earwax I picked up at a dispensary in L.A. Earwax tends to be more of a pasty consistency compared to wax, and easier to vaporize if you ask me. I’ve been dabbing a lot with earwax lately, mostly because that seems to be the “go to” at most dispensaries in L.A.


The Hit

During the hit, I used a 14mm sized titanium carb cap to make sure none of my superb crumble went to waste. Besides the fact that I’m 6 ‘2” and had to bend over quite low to the table to take a hit, the hit was relatively smooth and cooled, since I used ice cold water. The length of the mouthpiece and the water level that I used ensured that nothing but concentrate vapor came close to my lips.


The Reclaim

For those not in the know, “reclaim” is what happens when excess oil concentrate gets stuck in the dab rig, and can then be reused or reclaimed, by carefully heating the glass with a torch and then pouring it out. This rig seems to have a built in function which is connected to both of the double percolators, that allows the reclaim to get caught in exactly one spot.


Although I was a little skeptical when dabbing with this new rig at first, for the simple fact that it sits really low to the table, it still hit like a champ and I really dig the percolator. This is probably the smallest rig I’ve used to date, but functionality wise, I can’t knock it. The double percolator action on this dab rig, is what separates it from others. I filled it a little less than half-way at about 45% full with cold water and it really added a unique dynamic to my overall experience. Cleaning it after each use is super easy and yet another reason for putting this dab rig on your glass pipes roster.

Value: 4/5

Quality: 4/5

Price: 5/5

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