Borosilicate Glass Offers Unique Benefits Perfect for Bongs

For those who love smoking, your bong becomes an important tool in your home. When it comes to buying a bong, there are a lot of options on the market these days. Glass, plastic and ceramic bongs are on offer yet it can be difficult to decide which option to choose. Each material has its distinct benefits. Designs also keep getting more and more intricate. While a specific bong may look great, it may not function well, breaking or cracking before you know it. For this reason, understanding the kind of options out there and what to look out for is an important part of the bong buying process. While all materials have their benefits, borosilicate glass bongs typically turn out to be the nicest and most trustworthy option.

The Benefits of Borosilicate Glass

you can often tell borosilicate by the clarity of the glass

Borosilicate often has a profound clarity to it.

Let’s begin with the obvious question: what is borosilicate glass and how is it different to regular glass? Once you understand the immense benefits of this kind of glass you’ll immediately see why it is preferred. Firstly, borosilicate glass is made mainly from silica and boron oxide. It was created in the 19th century by a German glassmaker called Otto Schott. Since then, many artisans have managed to get great use of this special kind of glass that is both light but also stronger than regular glass. It is very heat resistant and so strong that fractures rarely happen. You might think that borosilicate glass would be thicker, given its strength, but it’s actually a remarkably thin type of glass.

Borosilicate Glass in the Crafting of Bongs

Other types of glass are either dangerously thin or easily broken. Many of the bongs out there have become fancier and fancier. One of the downsides to this is that they often need to be created with a kind of glass that is less heat resistant and far easier to break to achieve their complex shapes. Regular glass chips easily and is also easy to break with little or no effort. Borosilicate glass is thin but durable, which is the classic balance that makes a good bong. You can sometimes identify borosilicate based on the fact that the glass is usually totally clear. The texture is thin and light enough to be easy to use and transport but strong enough to be resistant to breaking. As a bonus, it is also easier to clean than a bong with regular glass: the perfect material!

The Issues with Using Other Materials for Bongs

grav labs borosilicate glass bong

A borosilicate glass bong from Grav Labs.

Plastic bongs may be very durable but there are so many nasty chemicals in plastic. Some claim the taste is slightly worse in a plastic bong and that the overall smoking experience is nowhere near as clean and healthy as a glass bong. Ceramic bongs can come in so many different designs and looks that it can be fun to choose one for your home. They give a clean hit but these are heavy and extremely hard to clean. That makes them mostly suitable for people who don’t smoke very much; otherwise they can become dirty quickly and impossible to clean.

For these reasons, glass bongs are considered the ultimate classic bong that gives the best hit. Of all of the potential glass bongs that can be purchased, borosilicate glass is the strongest and most durable kind out there. Whether you’re smoking for fun or to medicate, you definitely don’t want to settle for any less than the best.


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