Bongs: To Ice Or Not To Ice?


Much like ‘Cheetos or Doritos?’ debate, the ‘ice in the bong’ debate has raged hard among stoners for years now. Some say the ice cools down the smoke, making it easier to take in massive rips without getting heat residue from the smoke. The other side of the debate is the dangers of inhaling the ice that melts as liquid vapor, which can lead to lung problems down the road. What is comes down to is basic preference, as well as knowing your rig and its benefits.

The Goliath

“The Goliath” Water Pipe

The best bongs now have separate chambers or ‘ice catchers’, that still give you the benefit of a cooled rip without any of the dangers of directly inhaling tons of vapor. The problem for many is, you get what you pay for, and some of those higher end rigs with ice catchers can set you back a pretty penny. So to ice or not to ice, that is the question.

Let’s back up for a second and approach it from the angle of someone who has a basic, old-school bong. Should they put ice into the bong, or just use water? This is where we have to be careful because long-term exposure to vapor inhalation is rumored to lead to bronchitis, among other major lung issues.

The problem is, people have not been ‘vaping’ long enough for us to truly know what those long term issues will be as of yet. We know bronchitis and pneumonia are two potential threats, but we don’t know what else may spring up from it. We can tell you for sure that if you are putting ice cubes into a regular bong, you are inevitably inhaling vapor. Whether or not that is something you are comfortable with comes back on you. Well, INTO you, really.

The other issue from stoners when it comes to ice in the bong is the effect it has on the lungs. There are some people who claim that iced rips hurt their lungs and they can ‘feel it’ more the next day. Yet, there are some people who, once they go ice, never go back. I, personally, love an iced bong rip, but I also don’t take dozens of them in a row. For me, an iced rip is good for random bong rips, but if you are going to be hitting one all day, you may want to get rid of the ice or at least buy a piece that accommodates the ice better until we know the full spectrum of its long-term effects.


If anything, let’s look back for a second to that brief period in the late 80’s when people were putting mouthwash into bongs so they could get “mint flavored” hits. At least we have evolved beyond THAT stupidity. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

So in closing, to ice your bong or not comes down to the rig and the preference of user. But if you plan on doing it long term, you may want to school yourself on some of the potential dangers. By the way, the word potential totally has “pot” in it.
Heh Heh.

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