Bong Slides Should Be Chosen with the Same Care You Give Your Bong

Bong Slides Should Be Chosen with the Same Care You Give Your Bong

Bong slides or bong bowls are an essential part of your bong. They will play a big part in determining what kind of smoking experience you have. When buying a bong, it’s important to know what type of bong slide you are getting since they come in all kinds of different sizes, colors, materials and genders. They’re usually made from glass; scientific or heady glass to be precise. Bong slides are a piece that fit into your bong in a specific way so that they slide in and out which makes care and cleaning of the bong slide a lot easier. You will be smoking from this piece so getting the right size is important. Gender is also something to pay attention to as it will determine the way your slide fits into the bong, an important thing to note if you ever need to replace it.

Determining the Size of Your Replacement Bong Slides

bong slides have 2 distinct genders

Bong slides have 2 distinct genders from which to choose.

When buying or replacing bong slides, knowing the size is essential. Most bong slides for water pipes come in one of three sizes. There is the 10mm slide, which is often referred to as a nano joint or micro and is designed for smaller rigs and pipes. Then, there is the most common variety, which is the 14.4mm, often just simply called a 14mm slide. The largest is the 18.8mm bong slide, which is often rounded up or down to either be called an 18mm piece or a 19mm slide. You will need to have a bong that is compatible with the right size for your slide. Once you do this, the next thing to be aware of is the gender of your slide.

Selecting the Right Gender

Yes, slides have genders. Funny as this may sound, it’s true and knowing the correct gender of your slide becomes very important when buying a new bong or when wanting to replace your slide. If your bong has a female joint, that means the slide will need to be male so it can be inserted into the female joint. On the one hand, you may have a male joint which means it will stick out and need a female bowl to be placed on top of that joint. As you can tell, this is an important aspect of your bong and bong slide so you will want to know and understand what it is and how to recognize it. Once you know this as well as the size of your slide, you will be able to select the best bowl piece for you.

Choosing a Material That Works for You

bowl pieces usually come in 1 of 3 standard sizes

Bowl pieces usually come in 1 of 3 standard sizes.

The last thing to factor in is the material. Scientific glass is durable, heat resistant and doesn’t fracture easily. It’s usually clear and clean looking. Heady glass is a strong yet decorative and artistic kind of glass that comes in bold colors and extravagant designs. Quartz is another strong and durable material that is used to make bongs and their slides. Whichever kind you choose, it’s important to know what you’re getting so that you can make a choice that suits you and your needs best.

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