Bong Percolator Types Offer Silky Smooth Hits

Bong Percolator Types Offer Silky Smooth Hits

If you’re a regular smoker, you’re probably always on the search for the smoothest hit from your water bong. You may benefit from looking for a pipe with a built in bong percolator since these devices give you a whole new level of silky smooth smoke delivery. A bong percolator is a filtration chamber that exists within the water pipe or the tube going up to the mouth piece. They come in an enormous variety but the general gist is that smoke and water get pushed through the bong percolator as a person inhales and the heat from the smoke is quickly cooled by the bubbling water which aerates the smoke. At this point, the smoke gets broken into finer particles which ultimately increase the surface area. The result is an extremely smooth hit that also happens to have some of the unhealthy carcinogens removed from the smoke.

Percolators come in an extensive amount of styles, each with its own unique aspect. While it would be virtually impossible to name them all, here are a few that you might enjoy.

1. The No Frills Straight (Diffused Downstem) Perc

diffused downstem is a no fuss bong percolator

This is really the most basic and straightforward of all the percolators. It’s essentially just a tube with slits at the base which go underneath the water, allowing the smoke to pass through it and cool down along the way. The result is a nice, smooth, clean hit with very little complication.

2. More Holes = Better Diffusion with the Honeycomb Perc

honeycomb percs offer greater diffusion through more holes

This is a disc shaped percolator that has many small holes in it, resembling a honeycomb. As the smoke hits this percolator, the myriad of holes diffuse the smoke. The more holes, the more diffusion, which is why the honeycomb percolator is such a favorite. It gives you an incredibly smooth hit.

3. Cyclone or Turbine Bong Percolator Puts on a Show

cyclone percs offer a visual appeal unique to their design

These percolators give you a very sweet surprise. They force the smoke into a cyclone shape, resulting in some cool visuals. They are disc shaped and cut with little slits along the side, at angles that create he cyclone effect, so not only do you get a smoother smoke, but you also have it delivered in a very creative way.

4. Barreling Through with the Gridded Inline Perc

gridded inline barrel perc noted for its horizontal presentation

This percolator actually takes on a horizontal shape, which is why it is also nicknamed ‘the barrel.’ It’s basically a horizontal tube that’s gridded with slits cut around and under the tube. It creates a smooth smoke with an unusual shape.

5. Clean Hits with the Showerhead Perc

showerhead bong percolator forces smoke downward

This percolator has a somewhat beautiful effect as it’s smoked. It’s a vertical tube that flares out at the bottom and is lined with slits. When the smoke is diffused through this percolator, it actually forces the smoke to rain down, creating a smooth hit with a pretty cool effect.

These are just some of the styles of percolators available on the market. Each is designed with the primary intention of creating the smoothest hit, although if a visually stimulating effect can be created in the process, then that’s a definite bonus. So many exist on the market to choose from, it’s worth investigating further to see which kind of percolator speaks to you.


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