Bong Cleaner the DIY Way

Bong Cleaner the DIY Way

As the popularity of marijuana continues to grow across the country, so does the necessity of the bong. The handy instrument that allows you to partake in your weed can also become dirty and sticky with resin if it’s not maintained. Most of us make use of the bong but forget its delicate need for care until the resin has made itself clearly visible and the smell of dirty bong water is unmistakable. For this reason, having a good bong cleaner on hand is extremely important. Being sure to have one that is organic and doesn’t harm your bong in anyway is essential.

Organic Brands

you can buy organic bong cleaner or make it yourself

You can buy organic bong cleaner or make your own homemade solution.

There are a host of cleaners that you can find including the following two. Firstly there’s Kleen Green Gold which is a concentrated non-hazardous, green, biodegradable bong cleaner. All you need to do is mix it with distilled water and you’re good to go. Another bong cleaner that is organic, easy to use and very effective is Mile High Cleaner. This is a popular cleaner that will work well on all types of surfaces, including glass, metal, plastic, wood, acrylic, paint and even fabric.

Going the DIY Bong Cleaner Route

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of buying a bong cleaner then there is a way to clean it from home that is tried and tested and the most commonly used method for cleaning a bong. Firstly it’s a good idea to rinse the bong with hot water, clearing away any resin or debris that could be sticking to it. You may need to run it under water for a minute or two to loosen up the resin and get it ready for cleaning. You may also want to wear some gloves while cleaning the bong, as resin can be quite sticky and smelly.

The Cleaning Process

isopropyl alcohol key ingredient of homemade bong cleaner

Isopropyl alcohol is a key ingredient in homemade bong cleaner.

Then you will need rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) and some salt. Pour a couple of tablespoons of salt into your bong and then pour in about half a cup of the rubbing alcohol. Be sure to cover the mouthpiece and any other areas where there is a hole that the liquids could escape from. Now swish the salty alcohol around for a few minutes to clean your bong. You may need a plastic Q-tip to access and clean hard to reach places or areas where there is an excess of debris. You can let extra dirty bowls and slides soak in alcohol overnight and then rinse them in hot water the next day and do the alcohol salt cleanse. Water stains can be removed by swishing lemon juice with a bit of hot water in your bowl.

Whether you buy a bong cleaner or go for doing the job yourself at home, it’s always a good idea to be regular about cleaning your piece. A month’s worth of bong resin is going to be a lot harder to clean than a week’s worth. If you clean your piece on a consistent basis you’ll find that it’s a quick and easy job to keep your bong clean and ready for use.


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