Bong Adapters Can Revitalize Your Favorite Glass Pipes

Bong Adapters Can Revitalize Your Favorite Glass Pipes

When you begin to explore the weird and ever expanding world of marijuana and marijuana accessories, you will soon realize that classic glass pipes are still the favorite smoking device. They tend to deliver the best tasting, smoothest smoke. For those who really enjoy smoking, this is an important factor not to be overlooked. The downside is that they can break and get a bit pricey when you’re shopping for quality, so minimizing the risk of such misfortune can be a priority. So can keeping your pipe clean so that it gives you the best smoking experience possible. For those who are still learning more about the vast array of marijuana products on the market, bong adapters may seem like a strange idea, but they can both save and revitalize your smoking experience.

Protecting Your Piece from Resin Stains

glass pipe adapters allow you to protect your piece through angling

Some adapters allow you better angling for increased comfort and protection of your piece.

Firstly, bong adapters will protect your pipe from getting stained by hard to remove resins or heat marks. This can be important if you’ve shelled out for a piece that you really love and want to last a long time. You can use the adapter to smoke through. This makes for easier cleaning and when it gets spoiled and stained over time, you can just throw it away and replace it with a new one. This is particularly helpful for those who smoke concentrates and want to protect their dab rig from getting spoiled by some of the extreme temperatures it will face.

Augmenting Your Piece with Different Bong Adapters

Bong adapters can also be really helpful for changing the function of your pipe. If you are curious about dabbing, you may want to try it without going through the expense of buying a separate rig. Instead, you can use an adapter to try it out without harming your regular piece. There are even bong adapters that can change the angle of your pipe from 45 degrees to 90 degrees (or vice versa) so that you can change the way you smoke through it, depending on whether you are smoking dry herb or concentrates.

Combining Adapters and Converters

drop down bong adapters give you space and offer variety of use

You can change gender or size using a drop down adapter.

You may need converters so that you can change the size and sex of your piece. Once you have converters and adapters you can turn your piece into any kind of equipment you like. Dropdowns may also be used for all the same purposes, including changing the size and sex of the piece. They protect your piece by removing heat which ultimately goes towards protecting the user as well. They can be used to create whatever kind of correction you feel needs to be made to your piece.

For those who are looking to explore the world of smoking, getting to know your bong adapters can save you money, protect your rig or pipe, and give you the best possible high. They can turn a glass pipe into any kind of piece you like. Being able to adjust size, angle and gender gives you the freedom necessary to explore different kinds of bongs without actually needing to buy them. For those who want their bong to double as a piece used for concentrates, getting the perfect adapter can allow you to explore that realm too, with little expense or equipment risk.

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