Blunt Wraps To Consider When Rolling One


Sure, you can head out to the the middle of the dance floor at your favorite club and click the button on your super stealth vaporizer pen. You can hit that old glass pipe, too. A traditional joint–compact, disposable, discreet–always satisfies.

But you know as well as we do that nothing hits you like a draw of dank, premium bud stuffed inside a rich, chocolatey blunt wrap. It’s the ultimate combination of a relaxed, robust-and-porto cigar lounge vibe mixed with the strong head trip of your favorite strain.

In our opinion, this is the ultimate method of delivering medical cannabis to your dome. It’s not right for all settings and situations, though. You’ve got to have a safe place to kick back and enjoy.

When you find that place, here are the blunt wraps we highly recommend.

Blunt Wrap Gif


Zig Zag Wraps


There are some of you out there–you know who you are–who insist on the finest, gluten free, alpaca-based handmade rolling papers imported from France. We’re joking, but you know what we mean. When you need papers, Zig Zag might not be the fanciest choice, but it’s there waiting for you, 24/7, at your friendly, neighborhood convenience store. Zig Zag papers roll and seal easy, burn smoothly and get the job done. They’re the king of everyday joints.

And now they’re about to mount a challenge for blunt-wrap supremacy. They have you covered with eleven flavors, from mango to melon. They come in two-wrap packs. And they give you reusable “flavor saving” packages. We prefer the wrap called “Straight Up,” which is what Zig Zag has always been.

Royal Blunts



This is the most hip-hop of wraps. The company is known for is sexy-girl marketing and rap-artist endorsements. With Royal Blunts you have a dependable, flavored wrap–in XXL and multiple flavored versions–that’s available at a market near you starting at only .49 cents for a single-serve package. And if you actually enjoy smoking just tobacco during your sessions, as we surely do, Royal Blunts offers full on cigarillos–three for only .99 cents. That’s a deal.

Blunt Wrap Cigar Wraps


If you’re of the more DIY, gourmet variety, Blunt Wrap Cigar Wraps hail from a tobacconist that also sells authentic, roll-your-own cigar products, including Gourmet Rolling Tobacco filler. These people are serious about their smokes. Blunt Wrap, which has actually patented its version of wraps, comes in Loaded, Platinum and Magnum versions in 21 flavors and uses premium leafs for a tasty, connoisseur’s puff. This is the discerning gentleman’s wrap. Enjoy!