Ash Catcher Attachments Shield Debris and Smooth Out Hits

Ash Catcher Attachments Shield Debris and Smooth Out Hits

For those who smoke on a frequent basis, a buildup of ash and resin is a normal part of life. Most of us have had the misfortune of smelling the stench of a water pipe after weeks of use and we all know that the flavor is even worse. The pipes become hard to hit as they are gunked up and the experience is generally an unpleasant one. Of course, there’s a practical solution to this problem. Cleaning the pipe on a regular basis will no doubt remove the unpleasantness. However, cleaning a pipe on regular basis can be easier said than done. It can take half an hour or so, depending on how clogged it’s become and in today’s busy world, that can be a difficult half hour to carve out for the job. That’s why an ash catcher can be such a great addition to your pipe.

What is an Ash Catcher?

using an ash catcher can minimize the amount of maintenance you put into your bong

Using an ash catcher can minimize the amount of maintenance you put into your bong.

Ash catchers basically look like little water pipes that you attach to your pipe. Rather than needing to clean the entire pipe, you can just clean the attachment. The ash catcher attaches to the pipe from underneath the bowl or the down stem. A little water is placed in it and when you’re ready to hit the bowl, you will inhale the smoke through that water as it filters out the ash and debris before they are able to reach the pipe’s chambers.

Using Ash Catcher Attachments

Some bongs come with an ash catcher but many are sold as separate accessories. It’s important to get a high quality one that won’t interfere with your hit as some of the lesser quality ones are known to do. Brands such as Grav Labs are usually a safe bet. Another aspect of the high quality ash catcher is that some come with percolators that are able to clean and diffuse the smoke for the nicest, smoothest possible hit. This is definitely an added advantage for those frequent smokers that don’t enjoy a coughing fit.

What to Look for in an Attachment Piece

buy an ash catcher proportionate to your bong

You should buy an ash catcher proportionate to your bong so it doesn’t have its balance disrupted.

When choosing the best ash catcher for you, start by considering the size and shape of the piece to which you will be attaching it. Lighter and smaller is most likely better. You don’t want an attachment that is disproportionately heavy for your water pipe as this can lead to all sorts of problems including breakage. Consider what features come with your ash catcher. Some will come with a kickstand to prevent your pipe from breaking. Others will come with a percolator to ensure the smoothest hit. Ash catchers come in many different colors and designs to match all kinds of water pipes so be sure to explore and find the perfect one for you.

The advantages of using a high quality ash catcher for your piece is a smoother, cleaner hit with less time spent cleaning. You can simply clean the attachment on a regular basis and it will take your pipe a lot more to get dirty enough to need cleaning. No more bad smells and foul tastes polluting the quality of a hit. Just a nice clean hit that is smooth and easy.


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