4 Tasty Options to Try in Your Water Bongs

4 Tasty Options to Try in Your Water Bongs

Water bongs are known for giving you that smoother hit of weed that goes down nicely, but every now and then you may feel the impulse to spice things up. While every strain of weed comes in its own special flavor and adding extra is not really necessary, sometimes it’s just fun to experiment. So what works? What doesn’t? There are some clear factors to consider before even getting started.

Maintaining the Potency of Your Weed

add some zest to your water bongs on a summer day

Lemon peels can add some zest to your bong on a summer’s day.

One thing to consider is that THC becomes soluble in alcohol and fat. This means experiments with milk, oils or any other fatty liquid might be fun, but you will lose the effects of the weed. Likewise, vodka, beer and other alcoholic drinks will also absorb the THC, stealing your high.

Take Care of Your Water Bongs While Experimenting

Another factor to consider is that if you’re going to try juice or other sugary liquids, you may end up destroying your bong. Sugar doesn’t mix well with bongs and if you choose to use liquids with sugar you have to be sure to clean the bong regularly. While putting ice in the bong is a favorite trick for increasing the smoothness of a hit, it has actually been found to increase the dissolution of the THC, again, giving you a smooth but less potent hit. These are all things to consider when choosing liquids to place in water bongs. So what liquids could work?

1. Tea

Tea without sugar is a definite way to add flavor to a hit. Peppermint, lemon, and peach all give their own hue of flavor to a hit. Hot tea gives you a particularly smoother hit and is different from having cold or iced tea (though chilled tea provides its own joy). It is fun to experiment with the various flavors and the lack of sugar will help to keep your bong cleaner. There are an infinite number of flavors that can be tried when using tea and each one will provide a different experience depending on whether it’s hot or cold so there is the endless ability to get creative and keep experimenting for a long time. Flavors can be combined as well so you can customize and personalize your water bong experience.

2. Orange and Lemon Peels

Adding orange and lemon peel to your bong water is a nice way to add a little zest to your hit. It’s not sugary so it won’t harm the bong and it is a light way to add a little flavor.

experiments with use cranberry juice in water bongs

Some have reported favorable results from using cranberry juice in their water bongs.

3. Cranberry Juice

While cranberry juice is high in sugar, its high acidity levels also help keep the bong clean. That may not be enough to rest on though so it’s a good idea to clean the bong often if you’re using cranberry juice. It gives your hit a strong blast of flavor and is especially good cold.

4. Wine

Wine and weed create a fascinating flavor combo that will add a little elegance to your bong hit. The key is to use a wine with low alcohol content to prevent the THC from being dissolved by the alcohol.

Keeping all these factors in mind, you can experiment with water bongs and find what works best for you! Give yourself a break from the routine with these water alternatives and be sure to savor the flavor!


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