15 Cannabis Culture Guides for Proper Etiquette

weed etiqutte

Proper etiquette may seem a little stodgy for the free and easy weed-smoking community. Yet having a few guidelines in place can prevent misunderstandings or out-and-out arguments. You may think only someone who’s completely new to cannabis culture wouldn’t be up on these 15 etiquette rules but you’d be surprised how many seasoned potheads shrug off the guidelines.

No one wants a dictatorship in the smoker’s circle but following weed etiquette is a great way to make sure you get called back to the circle. You don’t want to get squeezed out for smoking marijuana like a rude ass d-bag.

 1. Contribute

cannabis-culture-etiquette-rules-70s-show-smoke-circleOne of the most commonsense guidelines of proper etiquette in cannabis culture is surprisingly of the most violated. This rule can apply for pretty much any social gathering, regardless of whether anyone will be smoking weed. But one misconception about the contribution rule is that the commodity has to be weed. You can bring food, beverages, and other gifts of some sort. Bring the evening’s entertainment with some music or a movie. Being broke isn’t an excuse to bail out on this rule: you can even bring a story or a compliment. But at some point, quit being stingy and bring the weed.

 2. Kill Your Expectations

If you’re hosting the smoker’s circle by providing the ganja, you’re in a pretty golden position. But proper etiquette in the smokers circle still applies to anyone partaking, even the initiator. Stay on that high road by not expecting or demanding anything reciprocal from those to whom you’re offering the pipe. Let people’s bad manners be their own problems and refuse to drop to that level by acting like you’re owed something.

 3. House Rules Rule

Again, this is one of those blanket rules of not just cannabis culture but any social gathering. The host’s rules of the house are always in play. If someone wants you to smoke on the porch, don’t light up in their kitchen. It’s a hot ticket out of any future smoke circles.

 4. Packer Gets Dibs

One of the tried and true rules of proper etiquette among smokers of the green tips its hat to the roller or packer. Even if you’ve provided the weed, it’s customary to grant first hit rights to the person who took the effort to pack the bowl or roll the joint for the group. There’s effort in the action and you’ll find in cannabis culture that deserves respect.

 5. Puff, Puff, Pass


Even if you’re not a smoker, you’ve no doubt heard the catchy slogan of one of cannabis culture’s most well-known courtesies. Proper etiquette implies that two hits from a joint prior to passing is the status quo. However, since it’s less catchy, you may be unaware that pipes and bongs usually adhere to a one puff then pass rule. Of course, as with most of these etiquette rules, anything’s amendable as long as everyone in the circle is on the same page.

 6. Save the Saliva

With cottonmouth running rampant, your saliva should stay in your mouth and off the pipe or joint. Everyone hates a soggy joint.

 7. No Bogarting

Another no-brainer among those even casually adhering to proper etiquette in the smoke circle; take your puffs and then pass it on. Don’t pause while you tell your story because no one’s listening to you. They can’t hear you over the roar of that fading high.

 8. Keep it Green

If you scorch all the exposed green in the bowl, its common stoner etiquette to tap the rim lightly so that green becomes visible again before passing to your left. Which reminds me…

 9. Pass it to Your Left


Yet another of the most well-publicized proper etiquette rules, most smoke circles adhere to the pass-to-the-left or clockwise rule as a way to ensure everyone gets their turn without confusion.

10. Communication

There are certain things we don’t want to keep to ourselves in the smoke circle. A great example is a cashed bowl. Don’t just pass a pipe of ash to your left. That’s definitely a no-no in cannabis culture. Whether you’re offering to pack the next bowl, telling the next in line to light up at his/her own risk or asking the initiator if another bowl is in the cards, make sure to speak up loud and clear about that cashed bowl.

 11. Peer Pressure Sucks


Pissing contests have no place among the proper etiquette in any circle, so if someone’s hit his/her limit or just doesn’t want to partake, don’t pressure them. Smokers and non-smokers alike see it as a d-bag move and weed aficionados in general frown on this because it gives cannabis culture a bad name.

12. Keep Your Criticisms to Yourself

If you have to be ungrateful about someone’s generosity, at least follow proper etiquette guides and keep it to yourself. Your weed may be from a better strain but free weed is free weed and deserves nothing but thanks and gratitude.

 13. Quarantine Sick Lips

If you’ve been sick, keep those dirty lips off the communal pipe. You can still jump in the smoker’s circle but your friends will be more than happy to give you your own pipe if you do them the courtesy of sparing them your bug.

 14. No Nicotine in Cannabis Culture

Some smokers’ circles will be more forgiving than others if you bring a cigarette into the mix. But most adhere to this most golden rule of stoner proper etiquette, even if you’re just trying to light your nicotine cigarette off the joint.

 15. Remember the Magic Words

“Thank you” goes a long way when smoking someone else’s stash. If people are kind enough to open up their beloved weed jars for you, use proper etiquette and express your gratitude. Keep your place in future smoke circles by treating your host with the grace s/he deserves.

There are a million more cannabis culture guidelines for proper etiquette that get bandied about and there are just as many stoners who say “screw the rules; just act like a decent human and enjoy yourself. That’s enough proper etiquette for me.” Unfortunately one man’s politeness is another’s social faux pas, so keep these 15 guidelines for smoking weed at the back of your head. Not only does it reflect well on cannabis culture as a whole but it will also reserve your seat in any decent smoke circle.

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